Can Diet Reverse Symptoms of Dementia?

A woman who suffered from dementia found that she could recognize her son again, thanks to a change in her diet.

In 2016, 80-year-old Sylvia Hatzer was diagnosed with dementia and had begun losing her memory. Her doctors prescribed various medications that slowed down the disease but did not stop or reverse its symptoms.

Sylvia’s health continued to decline. She got the point where she needed 12-hour bedside assistance and at one point called the police alleging that she had been kidnapped. That’s when she and her son, Mark Hatzer, decided to take matters into their own hands.

The pair decided to research types of diets that might help relieve symptoms of dementia. They read about how rates of the disease were much lower in Mediterranean countries and decided to start copying those eating habits.

Sylvia’s new diet was comprised of high amounts of blueberries and walnuts, as well as foods known to be beneficial to brain health, including broccoli, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, green tea, oats, sweet potatoes and dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao.

She began to walk regularly, got a goodnight’s sleep and played memory games. Sylvia also avoided refined sugar and sugary drinks, fast food, and fried foods.

Little by little, Mark says, Sylvia’s health began to improve.

“I slowly got my mum back. Her memory is improving all the time. She is more alert and engaged. She is basically her old self again. And I am truly grateful for that and to all those who helped us.”

Researchers have also found key brain nutrients that can support better memory, including

omega-3 fatty acids from algae called DHA, quercetin, turmeric, green tea, and many others.