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Incredibly, Unbelievable Fake Foods from China

Are you watching what you’re eating? If not, it could literally mean life or death. In the news is a story from China telling about unscrupulous vendors who create imitation foods or adulterate foods to make a quick buck, not caring how toxic they are. From fake rice made from potatoes and resin, to mud sold as pepper, walnut shells filled with concrete, and eggs totally made out of laboratory chemicals, consumers need to cautiously monitor what foods they buy. Now, more than ever, it is important to know what is in your food. More


Shhhhhh! Quiet Please—My Brain is Growing

As the world becomes a noisier place, researchers are finding out the value of silence on the brain. A 2013 research study found that when mice were allowed two hours of silence per day, they developed new brain cells, which researchers thought were the beginnings of extra neurons.  Growing new cells is not the only benefit that researchers have discovered. Another study found that even just two minutes of silence could be even more relaxing than listening to music.  Even more importantly, researchers found that noise pollution can result in lower reading scores and slower development of cognitive and language skills in children.

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Ice Cube Trick

A “Cool” Tip for Watering Houseplants—Ice Cubes!

While most of us love plants, sometimes we can be a little heavy-handed with the watering. We’re often in a hurry and just drench the plant, rather than letting the water soak in.  An easy way to avoid overwatering is to place a few ice cubes on the top of the soil once a week. As the ice cube melts slowly, it gives the soil a chance to rehydrate and absorb the water. Try it on your plants, especially the ones that prefer a well-drained soil. More

Plants and Soil in Hand

The Immune System Beneath Our Feet

Some scientists are now investigating another potential defense, one already lurking beneath our feet. The complex microbial world in the soil may protect plants much like our immune system protects our bodies. More

 Areo Farms

Up, Up and Away! New Jersey Company Operates the World’s Largest Vertical Farm, Producing Crops Without Pesticides

Aerofarm, a company in New Jersey, is taking vertical farming to the max by growing plants in bins and stacking them almost 30 feet tall. In their 70,000-foot facility they can grow two million pounds of fresh produce per year. Utilizing innovative methods, they are able to recirculate the water, resulting in significantly less water needed. They also use half the fertilizer and even better, can omit application of pesticides, compared to that of a regular, open field crop-growing operation. More