Coffee, Quantum

1 lb (454 g)
Certified Organic Whole Beans

Organic Coffee Beans

  • Guji Region of Ethiopia
  • Expertly Tested for Purity
  • Crafted for Health-Conscious Enjoyment
  • Balanced Roast for Optimal Health Benefits

Quantum Coffee is meticulously roasted to a medium level, offering a balanced profile of sweetness and fruit flavors with a hint of light chocolate. This roast level not only delights the palate but also preserves the natural antioxidants found in coffee, making it easy to enjoy as nature intended—black, bold, and bursting with health benefits.

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Coffee, Quantum

Product Benefits



At Quantum Nutrition Labs, we understand that coffee is more than just a beverage – it is an ancient medicine with timeless health benefits. Expertly roasted to a true medium level, Quantum Coffee beans strike the perfect balance between the natural sweetness and fruit flavors with a subtle chocolate overtone. Easy to enjoy as nature intended—black, bold, and bursting with health benefits.

Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Coffee

Potent Antioxidant and Inflammation-Modulating Nutrients and Phytochemicals
Improved Mental Alertness and Cognitive Function
Enhanced Workout Performance
Weight and Metabolism Management
Supports Pancreatic Health and Beta Cell Function
Enhanced Circulation and Cardiovascular Health
Enhanced Digestion and Elimination
Protects and Promotes Healthy Liver Function

Our Quantum Coffee is sustainably cultivated in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Infused in a rich heritage of coffee cultivation, the art of growing and processing coffee is a primary element in the everyday cultural practices of the Oromo people. They take great care and pride in producing high-quality coffee that delivers vibrant taste, energizing quality, and palpable health benefits. We work with one local processing station and approximately 450 small farms within Guji to source the beans. Choosing to use Quantum Coffee will not only optimize health benefits per serving, but also support the Oromo village farmers who have mastered the ancient art and science of coffee cultivation.


Coffee, Quantum
  • Organic, Whole Coffee Beans (Roasted)

Easy Brew Directions
For a perfect, gourmet cup of Quantum Coffee:

Grind 2 tablespoons of Quantum Coffee per 6 fl. oz. cup. Use purified water, then brew. For optimal freshness, please close the bag securely to avoid air as much as possible.

Product FAQ
We offer 52 products that are certified kosher by Orthodox Union Kosher, the world’s largest and most widely recognized international kosher certification agency.
Yes, we test our products at a wide range of storage conditions, including stressed conditions to simulate advanced degradation scenarios that can include relative humidity up to 75% and temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the product remains stable when stored as directed on the label.

We also use nitrogen or argon flushes on many products to remove oxygen from their storage containers, extending the shelf-life. We also add moisture desiccants to keep the product dry.

Furthermore, we store our products in our exclusive VioliteTM containers. These dark violet-colored, polyethylene bottles are designed to prevent radiation damage to the ingredients by blocking light wave frequencies between 450 and 720 nanometers.

Quantum Women’s Power is formulated with powerful nutrients to support optimal functioning during menopause:

  • Libifem®. This fenugreek seed extract is clinically proven to support sexual health and promote menopausal comfort.*
  • LJ100®. Our Tongkat Ali ingredient is sourced from LJ100™, a standardized root extract of Eurycoma longifolia which consistently delivers evidence-based potency. Tongkat Ali root has a long history of safe use as a natural option for improving testosterone levels and supporting reproductive health.*
  • Women's Botanical Power Blend. This blend includes nutritive, zinc-rich pumpkin seed powder, hormone-balancing saw palmetto berry, and the energizing bioactive components from fermented cordyceps extract and American ginseng.*
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Our expertly crafted Vitamin D3 Gold is a cleaner, more effective option compared to other vitamin D3 supplements in a few ways:

  • We use a natural source of vitamin D3 that does not contain common allergens like peanut or soybean oil.
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We guarantee the quality and consistency of every supplement we offer by using cutting-edge testing equipment and practices and running multiple tests on each ingredient, including:

  • Heavy metal testing
  • Microbial testing for contaminants
  • Microscopy to evaluate botanical identity
  • High-performance thin layer chromatography, which looks at levels of active phytochemicals within a plant
At QNL, our rigorous testing protocols guarantee that our products are free from toxins, pesticides and herbicides, and steroid and antibiotic residues.

In addition to performing in-house testing, we engage numerous third parties to validate the quality of our products. Our manufacturing facility is certified by independent testing agencies like USP and NSF. Many of our products are further certified by the Non-GMO Project, OU Kosher, and USDA Organic.

Lastly, the vitality of the ingredients tested is screened using energetic assessment methods based on an applied kinesiology method known as the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura.1 This method has been an integral part of QNL’s ingredient sourcing and formulation development.

Excipients are binders, fillers, and "glues" that are added to many supplements to prevent clumping of powdered ingredients and improve efficiency in manufacturing. Typically, excipients do not have nutritional value and their ingestion can cause adverse effects, toxicity, allergic responses, and drug interactions.

At Quantum Nutrition Labs, we do not use any non-nutritive excipients in the manufacturing of our products. Our products are designed to provide pure, clean nutritional supplementation without any toxic tagalongs that can harm the body.

Quantum Nutrition Labs offers capsules, powders, and liquid supplements, but not tablets. This is because tablets almost always require non-nutritive binding agents to manufacture. When you choose a Quantum Nutrition product, you can be assured that its contents are pure.

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