Superb Sleep Formulas – Sound Sleep, Peace of Mind, and a Rested Body to Ignite Your Best Health* 

Do you find yourself tossing and turning late into the evening? Are you often staring at the ceiling for hours while you wait for sleep to come? If you are not getting the best quality sleep, your health can become stressed. Deep, restful sleep is critical for your body’s best health and to refresh your mind. 

Quantum Nutrition Labs is proud to offer several nutritional formulas to support your best rest.* Qultured Melatonin DropsTM is a probiotic-fermented liquid melatonin that promotes brain, sleep, and immune support with the unique antioxidant properties of melatonin.*  

We also recommendour super-high-quality Quantum Hemp Extract with naturally-occuring cannabinoids to support healthy, restful sleep.* Quantum Sleep and Mood is a comprehensive botanical formula that also supports your overall sleep quality.* It promotes REM sleep, mental tranquility, and a healthy mood.* Check out all of our sleep formulas below so you can rest easy knowing your body has maximum nutrients to feelrefreshed.*

Capture those sweet dreams with the deep, restful sleep products from Quantum Nutrition Labs.* 

Sleep Support

Sleep Support
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  1. Fall Asleep Kit, Quantum
    Fall Asleep Kit, Quantum
    Special Price $64.43 Regular Price $85.91
  2. Hemp Extract, Quantum
    Hemp Extract, Quantum
    Special Price $50.93 Regular Price $67.91
  3. Mag Liquid, Quantum
    Mag Liquid, Quantum
    Special Price $17.93 Regular Price $23.91
  4. Magnesium Powder, Quantum
    Magnesium Powder, Quantum
    Special Price $16.43 Regular Price $21.91
  5. Melatonin Drops, Qultured™
    Melatonin Drops, Qultured™
    Special Price $13.46 Regular Price $17.95
  6. Sleep and Mood, Quantum
    Sleep and Mood, Quantum
    Special Price $26.93 Regular Price $35.91
  7. Stay Asleep Kit, Quantum
    Stay Asleep Kit, Quantum
    Special Price $53.95 Regular Price $89.91
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