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  • A Holiday Message from your QNL Team
    Happy Thanksgiving Message

    Each Thanksgiving, we are reminded to take time to consciously give thanks for our blessings. Whether you are giving thanks for your family, your friends, or your health this Thanksgiving, we hope this day will be a joyful one. Our concerns may seem smaller when we truly think of all the blessings we have been given. 

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  • Aller Plus – Featuring NAC and Quercetin
    Woman Sneezing

    Staying healthy is more than just eating fruits and vegetables and keeping active; it also requires nutritionally supporting the health of your immune system so that your body is able to respond quickly to invaders. Aller Plus offers a comprehensive nutraceutical supplement that provides a wide array of stellar botanical agents that support the whole body as well as immune system health.* 

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  • Keep Your Bones Healthy with Quantum Nutrition Labs*
    Skeleton Healthy

    Make no bones about it. Quantum Nutrition Labs has the perfect formula to help support the health of your bones, joints, and cartilage.* QNL is committed to making the world a healthier place and offering the very best nutritional quality to you and your family. If you are looking to support your skeletal health, you’ve come to the right place!* 

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  • New Product Launch: Introducing Quantum NAC!
    Introducing Quantum NAC

    Our QNL team is proud to announce our new product launch – Quantum NAC! This is one of the most popular products in the health marketplace right now. Quantum NAC offers powerful support for respiratory, liver, and immune health.* This plant-based product can help support healthy glutathione levels in your lungs, support bronchial tube health, and promote healthy lung function.* 

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  • How to Support Your Best Bone, Cartilage, and Joint Health* – Advice from Dr. Marshall
    Joint Health Injured Knee

    The foundation of your body rests on the health of your bones, cartilage, and joints. These critical tissues are the reason you can bend your arm, squat low to the ground, and stand up straight. Our co-founder, Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D., investigates discusses how to best support your bones, joints, and cartilage health in this episode of the Healthline Now radio show.  

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  • New Product Launch: Quantum Joint and Cartilage
    Joint and Cartilage

    Here at Quantum Nutrition Labs, our team is constantly working to improve the health of our customers by offering high-quality, nutritionally superb dietary supplements.  The QNL team is proud to announce our new product launch – Quantum Joint and Cartilage! 

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  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts? Discover the Magic of QNL Workout Kits
    Man and Woman Exercising

    Do you schedule time at the gym or at a workout area in your home – or even a backyard “exercise” area? If not, it’s time to add the “E” word (“E” stands for exercise) to your daily routine for its invaluable benefits for your health and wellness, including muscle mass support, maintaining healthy weight, and upgrading your mood.* 

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  • Struggling to Get Your Greens? Here‘s an Easy Solution!
    Various Greens on Tabletop

    Did you know that only 10% of the United States population meets their recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables? Instead of adding 2 – 3 cups of organic vegetables and 1 ½ cups of fresh fruit to meals each day, adults fall woefully short of these targets and are filling up on processed foods, starchy carbohydrates, and sugary treats instead.  

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  • How Shelf-Stable Are Your Supplements?
    Spoon with Capsules

    Do you sometimes wonder how long your nutritional supplements really last? When it comes to the expiration date of dietary supplements, government labeling regulations can bconfusing. Since many companies do not provide a clear expiration date on their products, you may wonder what happens when your vitamins get old or whether or not they are still safe to take as they are aging.

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  • Keep Those Lean Body Contours; Advice from Dr. Marshall, Ph.D.
    Healthy Weight Woman

    If you’re a fitness enthusiast or just love staying at a healthy weight, you might have considered adding a thermogenic formula to your daily routine to help support healthy weight management, lean body mass, and glycemic metabolism.* As one of our most popular products, Quantum Lean KetoBlend offers a thermogenic weight management supplement featuring three mighty botanicals: Citrus aurantium,  green coffee bean extract, and raspberry ketones for advanced weight management support.* 

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  • The Best of the Best: Quantum Hemp Extract
    Man Relaxing Hemp Extract

    Have you tried hemp extract yet? In the last few years, hemp extract has become one of the most raved about wellness supplements because it can address a wide variety of health concerns, especially healthy inflammation support. The oil is derived from the stalks and seeds of hemp plants and packs powerful cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, and cannabidiol alkaloids for a variety of health concerns. 

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  • Are You Noticing Unsightly Spider Veins? - Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D.
    Blue Healthy Legs Sneakers

    Spider veins are small, curved blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They may appear as noticeably red, purple, or bluish colors just under the skin’s surfaceIf you’re noticing these colored lines or webs spreading across your legs, you aren’t alone. In this episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show, Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, reveals how you can use natural bioflavonoids to support the appearance of healthy veins.* 

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  • Feeling Beat Up? Try Beets - Qultured Fermented Beets
    Beet Juice

    Beets are more than just a tasty addition to a salad or smoothie. They’re also stellar in supporting healthy energy levelsheart health, and superior cardiovascular health.* In addition to their stunning color, beets are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. And even beyond all of these benefits, beets are also loaded with dietary nitrates. It’s no surprise that beets are used for a variety of reasons, including as a heart supplement! 

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  • Quantum Nutrition Labs . . . But what does “Quantum” in your name really mean?
    Quantum Nutrition Labs Supplements

    At Quantum Nutrition Labs, we think of the word “quantum” as associated with the finest, purest, highest energy state . . .  especially for spectacular nutrients obtained straight out of nature. The word, “quantum, is commonly associated with quantum physicswhich is the study of physical matter and bioenergy at its most fundamental level

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  • Get “Real” Vitamin C – Not Imposters
    Quantum Vitamin C Benefits

    What’s the difference between “synthetic vitamin C’ and “natural vitamin C”?  “Synthetic” nutrients are artificially made in a laboratory setting or industrial process, whereas “natural nutrients” are those found in whole botanical agents or whole food complexes.

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  • Ready for your Best HEALTHY WEIGHT Support Ever?
    Happy Healthy Woman

    We think you’ll love Quantum Lean KetoBlend, one of our most favored products due to its elegant and advanced support for lean body mass, weight management and glycemic metabolism.* Welcome to our world-class formula with specialized nutritional agents and full spectrum botanical ingredients and extracts – to deliver the “best of the best”, all-in-one formula for healthy weight management.*  

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  • How to Achieve Top Notch Thyroid Health with Quantum Nutrition Labs
    Happy Healthy Man

    Did you know that January is Thyroid Awareness Month? As many as 20 million Americans may have a thyroid condition, and up to 60% of them don’t even know about it! Your thyroid works hard to produce hormones that impact every cell in the body, but if the thyroid produces too much – or too little – of these hormones, it can create big health problems.  

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  • Hidden Dangers – The Unseen Threat Lurking in Dietary Supplements
    Dietary Supplements

    If you’re like most Americans, you see the significant value in taking dietary supplements to ensure you get enough essential nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. After all, 9 out of 10 Americans simply do not get the FDA’s recommended daily intake of fruits (1-2 cups) and vegetables (2-3 cups). Unfortunately, when you purchase a dietary supplement, you might be getting more than what you bargained for -- and not in a good way

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  • A Holiday Message from Dr. Linda Forbes, CEO of Quantum Nutrition Labs
    QNL Holiday Message

    As the year comes to an end and we celebrate the holidays, I would like to personally thank our Quantum community for another fantastic year of health and wellness. While 2020 has thrown many health-related challenges our way, I am grateful for the endless loyalty, support, and trust that our customers have placed iQuantum Nutrition Labs 

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  • The Best of the Best – Why Use Quantum Zinc?
    Happy Man Against Yellow

    Did you know that zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in the body? Did you know that zinc is an essential mineral that supports whole-body health and wellness?* In fact, zinc is required for healthy growth, wound healing, taste and smell, and that zinc provides antioxidant properties to the body.* With all of these benefits, be sure you’re taking enough high-quality zinc every day for best results 

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  • Is the Dietary Supplement Industry Really Regulated or Not?
    FDA Approved

     Snake oil, “quackery, and the “placebo effect are just some of the unflattering names that the inflammatory media and even uninformed consumers have given the dietary supplement industry. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some nefarious manufacturers out there, looking to make an extra dollar by cheating the consumer with poorly made or even mislabeled products. So, can you really trust your supplements?

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  • Quantum Garlic Complex – A Perfect Winter Booster for the Whole Family!
    Garlic Against Blue

    Garlic has been long recognized by many civilizations, including the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, as a heart and blood system superstar which helps  support healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and healthy arteries. See why Quantum Garlic Complex is the best of the best!

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  • Give the Gift of Health – Must-Have Stocking Stuffers at QNL
    Holiday Gift Against Pink

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone in your life who seems to have everything? Give the gift  of incredible health and wellness with a variety of Doctor Recommended nutritional supplements from Quantum Nutrition Labs. This superstar lineup features a wide array of "go-to" formulas, so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for everyone on your shopping list.  

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  • Quantum Nutrition Labs - Our “Ultra” Green Facility and Commitment to Social Responsibility
    Collaborative Green Company

    Quantum Nutrition Labs is 100% committed to making the world a healthier place, a pledge we continue to prove every day through our promise to supply ultra quality, contaminant-free products, a robust and welcoming team, and passion for a greener earth. Here are just some of the projects we undertake to fulfill this commitment...

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  • Quantum Nucleotide Complex: Super Immune Support Complex*
    Quantum Nucleotide Complex

    Does the word “nucleotide” sound like a high-tech molecule with awesome superpowers? Maybe more than we realize! 

    A nucleotide is actually the foundational building blockfor DNA and RNA of all cellsIntricate strands of nucleotides are the information storage powerhouses of cells, and they hold the keys to the genetic recipes that guide every single biologic process. 

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  • Our Hidden Secret for Immune and Whole Body Health…
    Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin

    Over 70% of the U.S. population takes a multi-vitamin every day. Why? Multi-vitamins are commonly recommended by many health-minded practitioners as a foundational health product that they feel literally every person should take at the minimum. Learn all about our newest product, Quantum Plant Multi-Vitamin, the 100% perfect, daily plant-based formula with organic ingredients.

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  • The Solution to Achieving Great Health: The Founding of Quantum Nutrition Labs
    Whole Foods and QNL Capsules

    Quantum Nutrition Labs was born with a mission to source optimal quality raw materials from trusted suppliers all over the world as well as manufacturing these nutrients without the use of toxic excipients (such as flowing agents).  Every day at work, Dr. Forbes and the exceptional team at Quantum Nutrition Labs are proud to bring you and your family quality supplements that you can count on . . . day in and day out. 

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  • Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 together: The Dynamic Duo!
    Capsules on Yellow Background

    Here at Quantum Nutrition Labs, we are ever striving to bring you the very best nutritional formulas ... and that means no added excipients, harmful additives, or dangerous synthetic chemicals. In our pure, plant-source product, Quantum Vitamin D3 & K2, we’ve decided to combine two stellar vitamins that promote proper calcium metabolism, free-flowing blood circulation, bone formation, and bone strength.* After all – in this case, two work better than one! 

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  • Why Does Testing Matter So Much to Us Here at Quantum Nutrition Labs?
    Bottle with Capsules Spilling Out on Yellow Background

    When it comes to our treasured supplements that we offer you and your familyhere at Quantum Nutrition Labs, we know that quality matters. From the ultra-quality of our plant-based capsules to the ultra-quality of our world-wide sourced ingredients, we take the integrity of our products seriously. We are committed to making the world a much healthier place, starting with the quantum-state manufacturing of our products, which is why our testing matters so much. 

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  • Favorite Employee Recipes at QNL: How to Use Superfoods in Your Diet
    Recipe Book and Ingredients

    Superfoods can pack an incredible amount of nutrients into your diet, but many people struggle to find ways to fit in these foods. Never fear, Quantum Nutrition Labs employees are here to share some of our favorite recipes that pack a punch when it comes to flavor – and nutrients! We hope you get a chance to try them out! 

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  • Can Digestive Enzymes Really Help Prevent Infections?
    Woman in Blue with Digestive Discomfort

    If you have read about nutritional pioneers like Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D., then you are aware of his well-known statements about the critical importance of good digestion and how digestive enzymes can provide immense help to your digestive system to help break down the foods you eat. But did you know they also play a lesser-known role in supporting a healthy immune system? It’s true! 

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  • Where Are QNL Ingredients Sourced?
    Ingredients and Capsules on Blue Background

    At QNL, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with top-of-the-line supplements and health products. All of our products are proudly manufactured in the United States using the finest raw ingredients, responsibly sourced from around the world. What does this mean for you?

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  • Is Your Cell Phone Slowly Wearing You Down?
    Cell Phone on Yellow Background

    Cell phones work by transmitting radio waves through fixed antennas called base stations. These radiofrequency waves emit electromagnetic fields which are classified as non-ionizing radiation. Are artificial EMFs (from cell phones, wifi, smartmeters and even the wiring in your home) really safe or not

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  • Do Fermented Foods Really Have Super Powers?
    Fermented Foods

    At first glance, fermentation may seem like a strange process. However, the use of fermentation dates back to ancient timesFermenting foods was used so widely that it is difficult to determine which culture even invented it! Should you be adding fermented foods to your diet?

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  • What’s Hidden in Your Supplements?
    Inspecting Supplement

    More than two-thirds of Americans take dietary supplements or vitamins on a regular basis. The majority of these people are confident in the safety and security of thsupplements they purchase. But if the label isn't telling you everything, then what information are you missing?  

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  • Is Your Supplement Contaminated with Lead Paint? How to Choose A High-Quality Supplement
    Is Your Supplement Contaminated with Lead Paint? How to Choose A High-Quality Supplement

    Studies have shown that over 70% of supplements tested were misbranded or adulterated. Do you really know how to pick a safe, non-contaminated brand? Several factors may help you decide how to select the best vitamin or nutritional supplement for yourself.

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  • Beware of Lead-Laced Turmeric!
    Beware of Lead-Laced Turmeric!

    Medicinal research into the benefits of turmeric have led to its widespread use in supplements and superfoods. However, illegal and unethical manufacturing practices may be tainting this powerful root with a damaging neurotoxin – lead chromate.

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  • When Do My Supplements Expire? How Do I Know If They Are Still Safe to Consume?
    When Do My Supplements Expire? How Do I Know If They Are Still Safe to Consume?

    Many of us have rifled through a shelf or cabinet and found some expired or undated products. Are these products still safe to consume? Are they as potent as they once were? What if they look a bit different than you remember them? Let’s dig into the science!

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  • Hidden Toxins in your Foods and Supplements
    Hidden Toxins in your Foods and Supplements

    Many of the supplements, vitamins and herbs that we buy are assumed to be safe. However, many of these products are made with hidden toxins that are used routinely throughout the industry.

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  • "Hiring Our Heroes" Program
    "Hiring Our Heroes" Program

    Quantum Nutrition Labs is proud to support our veterans by participating in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Hiring Our Heroes” Corporate Fellowship Program.

    The Corporate Fellowship Program gets ahead of the transition process by matching transitioning service members with management-level or equivalent civilian careers prior to leaving the military. The 12-week program provides opportunities for hands-on corporate training, mentoring, and earning certificates while helping employers tap into a pool of top talent.

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  • Why Transparency and Traceability Matter in the Supplement Industry
    Why Transparency and Traceability Matter in the Supplement Industry

    The plant kingdom is having a shining moment. According to the CRN 2017 Survey on Dietary Supplements, more Americans than ever- a whopping 76%- are taking dietary supplements. With a growing number of companies cashing in on this booming market, manufacturers are sacrificing quality and transparency for speed and easy profits. Quantum Nutrition Labs’ Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, HR Payne, discusses the increase of toxic ingredients appearing in supplements in the February edition of Vitamin Retailer (page 38).

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