Quantum Nucleotide Complex: Super Immune Support Complex*

Does the word “nucleotide” sound like a high-tech molecule with awesome superpowers? Maybe more than we realize! 

A nucleotide is actually the foundational building block for DNA and RNA of all cells. Intricate strands of nucleotides are the information storage powerhouses of cells, and they hold the keys to the genetic recipes that guide every single biologic process. 

What Do Nucleotides Do? 

As ingredients of DNA and RNA, various nucleotides—such as adenosine, cytidine, guanosine, and uridine—help your body store critical genetic information by providing the instruction manual for the creation of new proteins. The speed and efficiency with which your body builds, and processes new proteins directly influence the related and critical downstream processes, such as regulatory and metabolic functioning of the body. 

Each cell in your body houses around 6 billion nucleotides. During normal day-to-day activities, your body is able to easily keep up with the demand for nucleotides. However, during times of physical stress, such as intense exercise or health concerns, your body’s demand for nucleotide building blocks skyrockets as it races to repair worn out cells. 

Having an abundance of accessible nucleotides can support your immune system’s response time and help your body tremendously in its defense against numerous invaders.* 

Nucleotides and Immunity 

Small amounts of nucleotides occur naturally in some foods, such as mushrooms. Although you can gain access to minor amounts of these “dietary nucleotides” by eating these foods, taking nucleotides as a nutritional supplement can supply ample amounts for best results. 

In addition to being ingested through the diet, nucleotides are also made organically in the body and reassembled from other cellular materials. However, researchers have suggested that dietary nucleotides can be beneficial when it comes to supporting the immune system, particularly in infants.* 

This benefit comes from the way that nucleotides positively influence the cellular workhorses of the immune system, the lymphocytes and macrophages.* Interestingly, the specific way that dietary nucleotides bolster the immune system is still unknown.* 

Still, some medical scientists have gone so far as to suggest that, in times of physiological stress—such as immune stress—dietary nucleotides are “conditionally essential,” and are important to beneficial clinical outcomes. 

This means that by consuming nucleotides, you are ensuring that your body may get the quality and quantity of ingredients it needs for optimal functioning.* In fact, research published in the Nutrition Journal has shown that “rapidly dividing tissues require a constant supply of nucleotides in order to manufacture essential nucleic acids.” This basically points out that taking supplementary nucleotides helps optimize your tissue function, especially during stressful episodes.* 

Comprehensive Immune Support* 

Research has posited that a nucleotide supplement can be beneficial “under certain conditions when the demand for these semi-essential nutrients is high.” However, even without immune stress, supporting your body’s systems with nucleotides can have a positive influence on your metabolism. A nutritionally supported metabolism may offer your body quality energy, which can help your bodily systems more readily adapt to physiological threats as they arise.* 

Quantum Nucleotide Complex offers a comprehensive immune-support formula that can help you in your defense against immune stress, especially as the fall & winter seasons approach.* This comprehensive formula combines nucleotides with biocompatible botanicals and enzymes in order to optimize your overall nutritional profile. 

What Are the Ingredients of the Quantum Nucleotide Complex? 

Quantum Nucleotide Complex offers a nucleotide botanical formula that is delivered via plant-source capsules (not as tablets which may contain immune-compromising excipients). In addition to its immune-support properties, nucleotides promote protein synthesis, cellular vitality, intestinal flora health, and energy levels.* 

Quantum Nucleotide Complex features high quality nucleotides (including GMP and AMP forms) with beta glucans. This formula is anchored with a botanical blend of organic turmeric, organic prickly pear, organic lemon peel, and reishi. 

What are Beta Glucans? 

Beta glucans are fermentable fibers found in the cell walls of some bacteria, fungi, yeast, and plants. Beta glucans are a naturally occurring immune support ingredient.* Beta glucans can support the immune system by activating macrophages (specialized cells that combat bacteria and harmful organisms) and promoting the function of various immune cells such as B-cells, T-cells, and natural killer cells (white blood cells that attack compromised cells).*  

The beta glucans in Quantum Nucleotide Complex come from two incredible sources. The first source is BGF Immune, a clinically studied, high-purity (85%) proprietary beta-glucan that is developed through fermentation and offers a superior beta glucan form. The second natural source is from the immune powerhouse reishi mushroom. Reishi mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for immune support dating back over 2,000 years and are an excellent source of B-glucans and other immune bioactive compounds.

To Learn More... 

An immune-supportive nucleotide complex can give you a whole new line of defense during the fall and winter seasons.* If you are interested in learning more about how nucleotides can elegantly support immunity, particularly in athletes*, check out this study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.(https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3626726/

About QNL 

At Quantum Nutrition Labs, every product is manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility to ensure superior quality. Quality ingredients are selected to fulfill an indispensable founding principle: to deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness . . . in every product . . . every time. 

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