1. Your Guide to Balanced Nutrition

    Balanced Nutrition

    Your Guide to Balanced Nutrition

    Learn how to make balanced nutrition part of your everyday

    Food and what to eat is a hot topic. It seems like every month there is a new expert with a book, podcast, or blog about the foods you need to be eating for better health right now. 

    High protein. Low carb. Fruits and vegetables, but not juice. Smoothies but only green ones. Yes to fat but not too much. Sugar but only Saturdays. Superfoods at every meal. Never eat red M&M’s. 

    Okay, we got a bit silly at the end – but you get the idea. There is so much mixed messaging out there about food that it can be downright confusing to know how to eat to support your health – while still enjoying food.

    The message we really like about food and eating is BALANCE. Aiming for balanced nutrition is perhaps the simplest way to approach food choices.

  2. Your Guide to Different Types of Protein

    Guide to Different Types of Protein

    Your Guide to Different Types of Protein

    Learn the facts on protein so you can make the best choice for your body *

    By Jenny Perez, BSc, Herbal Sciences

    If it feels like every health and fitness blog, magazine, podcast, and social feed is talking about protein – you’re right! Protein is all the rage and thank goodness for this. *

    Thanks to research we know that protein is something you, me, your neighbors, my colleagues, and well, everyone needs. Protein used to be the domain of weightlifters, bodybuilders, and elite athletes. *

    But not anymore. Ongoing research into whole-body health is putting protein front-and-center as a key nutrient that each of us needs to prioritize. 1*

  3. What Are Eye Supplements?

    Eye Supplements

    What Are Eye Supplements?

    Learn natural ways to support your eye health *

    Eye supplements contain research-backed vitamins and minerals shown to support vision and eye health. Common eye supplement ingredients include DHA, lutein, vitamin E, zinc, and zeaxanthin. These ingredients may support retina health, color vision, and photoreceptor health.*

    Your eyes are your window to the world – putting true meaning to the phrase “seeing is believing”. I remember the first time I went snorkeling in the ocean, I was blown away by the colors I was seeing in the fish, coral, and hues of the ocean as the light shone through. It’s one thing to read descriptions of underwater life, but another thing to see it with my own eyes.

    And this is just one reason why we want you to know why it’s so important


    QNL Blog Tongkat Ali


    Feeling like a droopy daisy instead of a lively lilac? Fear not, because Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is here to save the day! This super plant, also known as Malaysian Ginseng, has been used for centuries in Southeast Asian medicine to boost overall health and vitality, and now it's gaining popularity as a nutritional supplement. 

    What exactly is Tongkat Ali? Well, it's a plant that packs some seriously powerful properties. If you're someone who's interested in taking supplements to support your best health and lifestyle, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one! 

    Let’s take a deep dive into the wonderful world of Tongkat Ali. Buckle up and get ready to discover all the amazing benefits that Tongkat Ali has to offer! 

  5. Glutamine: The Super Fuel for your Gut, Brain, Muscles, Digestion and More

    Healthy Couple

    Glutamine: The Super Fuel for your Gut, Brain, Muscles, Digestion and More

    Do you keep hearing about the amazing health benefits of glutamine?  In the past, many bodybuilders and others in the fitness industry used glutamine in powder form (mixed into food or drinks) as a way to preserve muscle tissue. That’s because glutamine is an important amino acid that your body needs in large amounts in order to build protein.

  6. 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

    Beets on Green Background

    7 Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

    In addition to their delicious earthy flavor, beets pop with that bright red color on your plate, and wow, are they highly nutritious! They are loaded with body-essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients; many research studies now prove their impressive health-support properties. So many, in fact, that you’ll soon want to make beets a “regular” in your meals.  

  7. What Should You Eat to Fuel Your Workout?

    Healthy Woman Eating Fruit

    What Should You Eat to Fuel Your Workout?

    When you invest time in your health and wellness at the gym, it is important to make sure that your nutrition matches your effort. If your goal is to get stronger, run farther, or simply fuel your body with high-quality nutrition, keep some basic principles in mind.  

  8. Why Is Iron So Important to Your Health?

    Happy Family Biking Shadow

    Why Is Iron So Important to Your Health?

    Of course, you’re already aware that your body requires many vitamins and minerals to keep it thriving. Of these, iron is among the most critical that your body needs. Iron makes up a large part of hemoglobin, a key protein that carries oxygen throughout your entire body. This mineral also helps your muscles store and use oxygen and plays a major part in the creation of other proteins and enzymes. As you can see, iron is important for the whole body – that's why an iron deficiency can give you many symptoms. 

  9. The Impressive Health Benefits of Chlorella

    Chlorella Powder in Wooden Spoon

    The Impressive Health Benefits of Chlorella

    A type of single-celled, emerald green algae, chlorella, has been receiving a lot of attention for its promising health benefits. And rightfully so! This nutrient-dense algae has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and assist in the natural detoxification process of the body.  

  10. Should You Be Eating More Quality Fat?

    Healthy Fats Avocado Salmon Egg Heart

    Should You Be Eating More Quality Fat?

    You’ve probably been told that eating a low-fat diet that is high in carbohydrates and proteins is the easiest way to drop weight and build muscle. However, are you sabotaging your health and wellness with a high-carbohydrate diet?  

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