7 Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

(Yes, we ARE trying to get you to eat more of them) 

Beets – you know, that vibrant and super healthy vegetable that you haven’t been eating enough of lately. (Yes, go ahead and admit it.) But no worries, we’re hoping to correct that right here. (Smiles)   

In addition to their earthy flavor, beets pop with that bright red color on your plate, and wow, are they highly nutritious! They are loaded with body-essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients; many research studies now prove their impressive health-support properties. So many, in fact, that you’ll soon want to make beets a “regular” in your meals.  

Does “live your life to its fullest” ring a bell? OK, that’s only possible when you have great health (which you’ll need to get from great nutrition as a key component, of course). 

We hope you’ll discover how truly delicious beets are and how easy it is to add them to your diet. Pop a few slices into your salad, in the main dish, or enjoy a tasty creation like balsamic roasted beets.  

What? You don’t have any beets available for your meals? Then go for organic beet powder – it’s a cinch to add a scoop to at least one meal every day. No hassle, no fuss, no preparation – but all the amazing benefits.   

Please note: We always prefer organic beets or organic beet powder -- so you can avoid any GMO-associated digestive stress (all too common these days).  

Check out these evidence-based benefits of beets: 

Amazing Benefit #1. So many nutrients – and so few calories  

The impressive nutritional profile of beets – which are loaded with nature-source vitamins and minerals – is even more impressive when you consider that beets contain almost ALL vitamins and minerals your body needs – yet they’re low in calories & fat.  

Beets are a great source of numerous life-critical nutrients, such as folate, manganese, copper, potassium, vitamin C, and much more. The folate in beets plays an important role in heart health, nerve health, and growth and development. Beets offer a good source of manganese, a critical mineral for brain function, bone formation, nutrient metabolism, and much more. Copper, often deficient in people’s diets, is an important mineral supplied by beets and is required for the production of the body’s various brain neurotransmitters as well as overall energy production. 

Amazing Benefit #2. Boost your iron levels – and your energy! 

Do you have poor energy levels? Without enough iron in your diet, you may feel terrible fatigue and weakness at times. Your body needs sufficient amounts of iron to make healthy red blood cells. When your body falls short of sufficient intake of iron, it can’t make enough red blood cells and then iron deficiency anemia can result.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of your body. Every organ and tissue in your body needs abundant oxygen to work well. Without enough red blood cells (due to poor iron intake), you won’t have enough oxygen in your blood. This is what can cause you to feel tired, weak, and even short of breath. 

Beets are high in natural-source iron – the best of the best in nutritional iron sources! With this great iron source, you can help super-support your red blood cell production, blood circulation, and oxygen transport throughout your entire body. Also great for athletic performance! 

But don’t opt for chemicalized sources of iron. Go for the natural, concentrated, food-source iron -- organic beet powder. 

Amazing Benefit #3. Keeping your blood pressure in check 

Studies show that beets have the impressive ability to help decrease high blood pressure levels. Did you know that high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease (which is the number #1 killer of all Americans)? If you find that yours is in the questionable range, don’t wait to start turning it back.  

The significant blood-pressure-lowering effects of beets may be due to due to their high concentration of naturally occurring nitrates. Your amazing body is able to naturally convert these nitrates into super-healthy nitric oxide, a powerful molecule that has the ability to dilate blood vessels for increased blood flow. This is then able to help lower blood pressure levels. 

Because beets are also a good source of folate, some studies have shown that an increased intake of folate can significantly help lower blood pressure levels. However, this effect on blood pressure may be temporary. Consuming organic beet powder over a longer period of time may be needed to gain and sustain the best heart-health benefits.   

Amazing Benefit #4. Supporting your sparkling brain health

Did you know that mental and cognitive functions commonly decline with age? Yes, unfortunately, it’s true. This can increase the risk of developing many types of brain disorders … but is this really a natural process? Is it more likely that what really happens with age is the gradual effect of long-term poor food choices on the brain? Yes, this can certainly contribute to slowly degenerating processes.

Don’t let this happen to you! Whether young, old, or somewhere in between, take action now by using concentrated, delicious organic beet powder to super-nutrify your life with precious nutrients.  

Studies show the natural nitrates found in beets may help improve brain function due to their ability to promote the dilation of blood vessels. This in turn can help increase blood flow to the brain. Interestingly, some research shows that beets can particularly improve blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain – this is where higher-level thinking, memory, and decision-making are most associated.  

Amazing Benefit #5. Weight loss – bring it on! 

Because the concentrated nutrition and healthy fiber contained in organic beet powder supports optimal digestion and metabolism, it helps to keep you feeling full and nutritionally satisfied – and away from those sugary snacks. Fiber also helps with your intestinal regularity.  

The valuable nutrients in organic beet powder can also help stimulate the nerves in your intestines to support the digestion of fatty foods.   

Amazing Benefit #6. The athlete’s secret weapon 

Beet powder can be an athlete’s secret weapon! This vibrant vegetable can significantly reduce oxygen consumption in your muscles, which translates to better stamina and improvement in endurance. Does that sound amazing?  

Beets can also provide natural nitrates, which help carry increased oxygen levels in the body and thus, help prevent fatigue. OK, let’s bring on some organic beet powder smoothies! 

Amazing Benefit #7. Upgrade your liver detox

Your liver works tirelessly day in and day out to detoxify your body. But . . . poor nutrients = poor detox. Don’t let that poor detox pattern happen to you. Instead, add some organic beet powder to your daily diet as a powerful beneficial aid to boost your body’s ongoing detoxification efforts.  

The significant nutrient profile in beets helps support and stimulate liver cells for effective detox as well as helping to prevent fat deposits from forming in the liver.   

The Bottom Line  

It’s easy to add organic beet powder to your daily nutrition routine every day. Keep it easy and convenient by simply adding a scoop to your daily smoothie or mix some beet powder into a soup or salad.  

There you go … a simple but robust upgrade for a full complement of pure, highly valuable organic beet nutrients.   

You can’t beet that! : )