Quantum Nutrition Labs . . .   But what does “Quantum” in your name really mean?

At Quantum Nutrition Labs, we think of the word “quantum” as associated with the finest, purest, highest energy state . . . especially for spectacular nutrients obtained straight out of nature. The word, “quantum,” really has several layers of meaning. It is commonly associated with quantum physics, which is the study of physical matter and bioenergy at its most fundamental level. The word “quantum” also has its origins in the Latin word for “amount” and by definition is the smallest possible unit of measurement for any physical property.  

In other words, the meaning of the word, “quantum,” can be seen as the most precise measurement of the amount of fundamental, pristine bioenergy in a living being or non-living element. Our mission at Quantum Nutrition Labs is to provide quantum level nutrients along with healthy lifestyle strategies and superior dietary supplements to assist your body to perform at its peak performance.

Quantum Fuel 

The human body is one of the most complex and intricate machines in the universe. We are still trying to understand the many intricate interactions of its inner workings – like a finely tuned Swiss watch. The famous quote by Greek physician Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” has withstood the test of time.

This early realization that well-grown, deeply nourishing nutrition is the “quantum fuel” for optimal health and longevity is a key tenant that Quantum Nutrition Labs (QNL) lives by. That’s why we encourage each person to support their own body with extraordinary nutrition . . . for an extraordinary experience in life.

Quantum Level Nutrition: Go Quantum! 

At QNL, we believe that life is too short to be complacent with ordinary nutrition. In fact, we encourage you to seek out the extraordinary in nutritional support. This extraordinary, “quantum level” nutrition can only be achieved with ingredients that still retain their fundamental quantum energy from nature.

A magnificent energy (or biofield) emanates from all living organisms, including specialized nutrients and botanical agents -- but only when they are as close as possible to nature - without chemical intervention. We have a favorite company motto that showcases this concept about our nutrients: “Naturally sourced, not chemically forced.”  

Once quantum-level nutrients are placed into your body’s biofield, they intrinsically interact with the cells of your body to revitalize and upgrade your body’s vital functions. Synthetic, dead, highly heated and irradiated nutrients simply can’t deliver a superior vital force to the body.  

We have been shocked to learn how many nutrition companies are willing to irradiate (using gamma irradiation) the nutrients in their products to simply prolong shelf life. At what expense to the consumer’s health? In contrast, our goal at QNL is create the new industry standard for superior, high quality, “quantum level” natural supplements that are never irradiated or “chemically forced,” which can truly make a “quantum level” difference in health.

Pushing your cells beyond their “quantum limits”

When you ingest foods that are lacking this basic “quantum level” nutrition, the bioenergy that already exists within your cells can be depleted, instead of being replenished.

“Beyond” Nutrition: Saying “Thank You” and Meaning It

To achieve a “quantum state” of health, you must also support your mental health and emotional health. The definition of health by the World Health Organization is: “Health is a complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” To ensure every cell in the body is able to function at optimal levels, we must all guard against negative mental and emotional thoughts and tendencies.

At QNL, it is our firm belief that the expressing gratitude for every situation that occurs in your life, whether it is seemingly positive or not, deserves the heartfelt words: “thank you.” When you are able to engage in the greater plan for your life, including the unavoidable ups and downs, by giving thanks for all events and things in your life, only then are you making real mental and emotional progress.

Being able to truly feel gratitude is a key foundation to support your own optimal health. As you accept and even embrace these ups and downs, you can begin to see how these challenges can allow you to mentally and emotionally grow and acquire many unforeseen character traits such as patience, insight, fortitude and gratitude. In the midst of the life’s ongoing trainings, your positive mental and emotional attitudes can help carry you forward as you combine it with quantum state nutrition to rejuvenate and regenerate yourself on multiple levels. 

Go Quantum! 

At Quantum Nutrition Labs, our goal is to assist you to acquire a superior level of health that you have never experienced before. This philosophy is directly rooted in our quantum belief in the tenets of true health based on extraordinary nutrition and extraordinary gratitude. That’s why we always encourage you to “Go Quantum”!