Micro Ideas to Upgrade Your Health in 2021

Are you guilty of making ambitious New Year’s resolutions and then feel terrible when you fail to carry them forward – year after year? You are not alone. For those who feel the “glow” and excitement of making a New Year’s resolutions every year, most of them will sadly fail because they did not have a plan to make these resolutions a consistent part of their daily routine. If you are already struggling with how to create a “new you,” here are some general wellness tips to boost you forward. 

Just change breakfast 

Think about it: if you change just one meal every day, you have already changed 33% of your diet! Instead of your usual eggs and bacon combo in the morning, try making a superfood smoothie with a generous handful of greens, vegan protein powder, nut milk, and assorted berries. This vitamin-packed, delicious drink will help fuel your body and brain all morning. A healthy breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day. You’ll be so proud of yourself the first time you do it! 

Swap your mindset 

Many people approach food with the wrong mindset, thinking of food as a treat or a guilty pleasure rather than what it is: fuel for the body. High-quality food that is fresh and full of healthy nutrients is the best fuel. Some of the main health concerns that Americans face can be caused or worsened by a poor diet, including our number one killer in America, heart disease. Switch your mindset to start thinking of food as your daily fuel and see if your diet needs an upgrade! 

Avoid these no-no foods 

The list of “so-called” foods that should be avoided is unfortunately very long. “Make-believe” foods are only going to give you “make-believe” health. That’s why it is a good general rule to avoid any foods that contain white flour or white sugar. White flour is bleached, typically with bromine (which can kill liver cells) and has been stripped of many nutrients. That’s why it is called an “empty” food. Refined sugar, such as white sugar, can also harm your liver. Refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup cause a fatty buildup in the liver that can lead to liver disease. Refined sugar is detrimental in general to your whole-body health and wellness. It’s a great idea to avoid foods containing these two ingredients for a healthier you! 

Focus on the gut 

One of the easiest ways to improve your overall health is to focus on gut health. Even if you make an effort to eat high-quality food, if your gut cannot properly digest them, the nutrients will be wasted and improperly used. Turn around your gut by adopting a diet that is filled with natural, plant-based probiotics and soluble fibers (from plant foods such as beans, oats, and apples) to keep your gut functioning at its best. Protect yourself from foods that harm your gut health such as dairy, soy, and red meat.

The Bottom Line 

Did you start 2021 with some ambitious health goals . . . but you’re already falling off the band wagon? OK, then switch it up with some new simpler goals that can make a huge impact. This is a fantastic strategy to keep moving toward your highly desired health goals. Get rid of that feeling of discouragement by incorporating some fresh, easy ideas into your daily routine. It is a terrific way to motivate yourself again. Happy 2021!