Return Policy

If you would like to return a product, please click here for our return request form

Please do not return products without a RAN (return authorization number). To return products, first call your account manager to get a RAN number. Credits on returned products are not issued without a RAN number and accompanying copy of your invoice. Thank you.

In order to serve you in the best possible manner, please read and follow this Product Return Policy.

  • I. Incorrect Order

    Incorrect Order If you have received any products in error or there are any mistakes in your order, please call QNL immediately (800) 370-3447 so we may correct it as soon as possible.

  • II. Damaged Products

    If you receive any product that has been damaged in shipping (broken, leaking, etc.):

    1. Contact QNL immediately to report your damage.
    2. Retain the outer shipping carton and all damaged products or the shipper will not process your Damage Report. (Saving these items constitutes proof of your claim.)

    3. All Damage Reports must be made within 10 days of receipt of package. After 10 days, the shipper will not be responsible for any Damage Reports.

  • III. First-Time Customers Only

    Procedure to follow if you want to return products on your first time order:

    1. If for any reason you want to return a product(s) for a full credit, you must call QNL (800) 370-3447 within 30 days of the Invoice date of your order to receive a return authorization number (RAN). After you receive a RAN, write it neatly at the top of your Invoice. Then return the products with your Invoice (and RAN) to QRL within 10 business days. Without a copy of your Invoice and RAN, we cannot accept your return. The customer is solely responsible for all shipping costs incurred.
    2. If any product has been opened, you may receive full credit on one opened bottle per product type for up to 2 different products (if received in good condition within 30 days.) Any other opened bottles of the same product will not receive credit. Please see “Guidelines for Returning Products” on the right.
    3. Full credit may be received on any unopened bottles (if received in good condition within 30 days.)
  • IV. On-going Customers

    Procedure to follow if you have ordered from us before, but you want to return products on your current order:

    1. If you want to return a product(s), you must call QNL (800- 370-3447) within 30 days of the Invoice date of your order. A Customer Service Associate will establish whether you are eligible to receive a credit, and if so, will give you a return authorization number (RAN). After you receive a RAN, please write it neatly at the top of your Invoice and on the box. Then please return the products with your Invoice (and RAN) to QNL within 10 business days.

    2. Opened bottles may not be returned (unless it is the first time for you to try this product with a maximum limit of 4 different products. Please see #4 and Section V. below.)
    3. Trying a New Product for the First Time. When you try any product for the first time and if for any reason you want to return it, you may receive full credit on only one opened bottle per product type with a maximum limit of 4 different products (and only 2 products per order). However, if you have returned products more than one time, this offer may not apply in certain cases.
  • V. Right to Refuse Refunds

    We reserve the right to terminate at any time our offer to give a full refund to customers who try a product for the first time. In certain cases, a re-stock fee may apply. If in doubt about whether you may receive a full refund, please call to verify specific refund terms in your specific case. Regardless, all returns must have prior approval and the returner must follow recommended return approval procedure.

  • VI. Returning Discounted Items

    If you have received approval to return discounted items, please note that the credit you receive will be calculated as follows: the total discount price minus the regular retail price of products of the items that were not returned.

  • VII. Returning Product Specials

    With Specials offering a “free” product, the free product is available only with the purchase of the rest of the Special. In the event of a returned Special, all products of the Special must be returned (unopened and in good condition) to receive full credit or if this is your first time to purchase a particular Special, then you may still receive full credit if only one product has been opened.

    In all other cases, if less than the total product amount of the Special is returned for credit, the credit you receive will be calculated as follows: the Special price of products that were returned.

  • VIII. Food Products and Third party Itmes

    Food items may not be returned, whether they have been opened or not. This includes, but is not limited to Peppermints, Gin Gins, Propolis Lozenges, Food Bars, Vitality Swing, Inversion Table, Rebounder, Water Purifiers, Air HealthMate.

Guidelines for Returning Products

To return a product, it must be in the original condition in which you received it:

  • A. Clean Labels

    No scuff marks, smears, tears, smudges, water damage, ink marks, etc. Shrink wrap must be intact.

  • B. Storage

    Products must have been stored at room temperature (not in a hot place such as a car) or near a microwave oven.

  • C. Adequate Wrapping

    Products must be carefully wrapped in their original plastic wrapping or other clean, protective wrapping. Do not put products loose into a box (to avoid bottles hitting each other during travel).

  • D. 30-Day Return

    You must call within 30 days of your Invoice date to receive a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Returns cannot be accepted after 30 days. (See Sections III and IV for details.)

  • E. Labelling the Package Correctly

    Type or print clearly and neatly on the package. Please include your return address on the outside of the box. Send packages to:
    Quantum Nutrition Labs
    3500 Wadley Place, Bldg. B
    Austin, TX 78728

We appreciate your business and look forward to a long, prosperous, rewarding relationship with you.

If you have any further questions regarding our return policy or our products please contact us:

Phone: 800-370-3447
Fax: 512-341-3931

By Mail:

Quantum Nutrition Labs
3500 Wadley Place, Bldg. B
Austin, TX 78728

Our 100% Product Warranty

Full Replacements For Defective Products

Here at Quantum Nutrition Labs, our sincere commitment is to provide you with the very best quality products at the very best price. We offer a 100% replacement product warranty. This means that if you receive a nutritional product that is defective due to our fault, such as a leaking bottle or a bottle with missing top, we are happy to replace the product for you at no charge. We stand behind our products 100% and we want you to have only the very best. We make thousands of bottles of quantum-state nutritional products every day without any errors, but occasionally we do slip up.

We offer a Conditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We do NOT offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if the product arrives to you in good condition, you may not return it within 30 days for any reason. Please read our terms and conditions.

Quantum-State Quality At Fair Prices

We are committed to providing the very best products at the very best price. We are the rare company that truly uses quantum-state ingredients in our products—and still provide them at very affordable prices. We do not have the huge markup of other nutrition companies that work on sheer volume selling nutritional products while claiming to have the finest ingredients.

A good example is tablets vs. vegetable capsules. It costs more to use vegetable capsules than tablets. However, we believe vegetable capsules are superior for your health: they are well absorbed and they don’t contain chemical preservatives.

Product Results

The body’s healing process is complex, subject to many factors. Although most people receive great benefits, results vary. None of our products can be guaranteed to achieve specific health benefits.