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  1. Quantum Colostrum is made from pesticide-tested bovine colostrum that provides quantum-state immune and stamina support. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring immunoglobulins, including lactoferrin, N-acetylneuraminic acid and IGF-1. Since these factors are naturally inherent in colostrum, we do not specify a particular amount or test for them.

    This colostrum is obtained from a very select group of dairy farmers dedicated to producing quality colostrum. During the summer, spring and fall, their cows are grass-fed (a superior nutrition source for cattle). During the winter, they are fed hay.

    What is Colostrum?
    Colostrum is a special immune-active fluid secreted by a female cow for about three days after giving birth.

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    Quantum Colostrum
  2. Quantum Oregano Oil features the essential oil of oregano derived from the leaves and flowers of the Oreganum vulgare, the true oregano species.  Origanum vulgare is a perennial herb and a member of the mint family, lamiaceae, native to Western and Southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region.  The plant grows up to 3 feet high, with dark green leaves and a majestic purple flower.  It can take up to 100lbs of oregano plants to make 1lb of the essential oil of wild oregano.  The oil of oregano is high in phenolic compounds such as carvacrol, making this concentrated natural oil very powerful.  

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    Quantum Oregano Oil