Tips and Tricks for Perfect Lung Health - Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD 

Are you grateful for your lungs? Surely the answer is yes, but when is the last time you really considered the importance of the health of your lungs? In a previous radio show, Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, discussed some ways to keep your lungs in tip top shape.  

You might think that the only function for your lungs is breathing, but in fact, Dr. Marshall explains that “the lungs are giant mucous membranes. In Chinese medicine, the lungs are the backup to your large intestine. When you’re not digesting well, you can expect “junk” to be dumped into the lungs.” A 2013 research study found direct links between the functions of the lungs and large intestines and proposed that further research was needed to determine the full extent of this correlation.  

To help keep the lungs free of this metabolic “junk,” Dr. Marshall suggests taking action to keep the digestive system functioning properly: “When we promote the best health for digestion, we can greatly reduce the load on the lungs.” To do this most effectively, Dr. Marshall recommends taking vitamin D3. “Just about no one who’s wearing clothing has a really ideal vitamin D3 level. This has been shown to be involved in all of the immune compounds the body makes and is critical to the intestinal lining.” Dr. Marshall is referring to the fact that the typical person receives relatively little sunlight on their skin when outside due to being covered up by clothing. 

D3 supplements come in many forms, but Dr. Marshall recommends a liquid supplement for maximum absorbability. If you have trouble digesting vitamin D3, Dr. Marshall suggests this: “It might be a good idea to put the D3 in a half ounce of water and mix in a few drops of organic orange essential oil, which emulsifies the D3 so it is really easy for you to absorb.”

It may come as a surprise that keeping the intestines healthy can also help to promote lung health, but a healthy body works together like a well-oiled machine. Make sure that your entire body is able to thrive with a healthy diet, especially filled with organic fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, mushrooms and fermented foods. Also be sure to get adequate exercise a few times a week. Proper stress management is also needed. These are all surefire ways to make sure you will be able to experience optimal health and wellness for a lifetime!