​How Our Biology Could Impact Our Consciousness

Let there be light! Scientists have proven that biophotons- or photons of light produced by the biological system- are used by both human cells and whole animals to communicate with one another. What impact could this have on our consciousness?

To answer this question, we must get a better understanding of biophotons. These ultra-weak light particles appear to originate and concentrate in DNA of the cell’s nucleus, and quickly carry large amounts of data to cells in the human body. They appear within the visible spectrum, ranging from near-infrared through violet.

Researchers have found that human brains could convey more than one billion biophotons per second. They believe our brains’ neurons may be able to communicate through this light, but aren’t sure what exactly could be communicated.

What effect could biophoton transferral have on the conscious mind? Is it possible that the more “light” (from biophotons) one can produce, the more conscious they are?

Some believe this biophoton transfer could mean that our consciousness and spirit are not contained within our bodies. In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that an action performed on one particle affects the other, even when separated over great distances. This phenomena is known as Quantum Entanglement.

Could Quantum Entanglement allow photons to act as communication portals between two worlds? (This theory would explain how a photon can be affected simply by observing it). Physicists discovered that a beam of electrons would act differently while it was observed. The greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what took place.

Using quantum entanglement ideologies, is it possible that our observations communicate some effect through our biophotons with the photon that is being observed? We may never know. But asking questions like these may help lead us closer to a better understanding of what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what role light plays in consciousness.