The Quantum Nutrition Effect

Stearates (such as magnesium stearate) are undesirable excipients used in nutritional products - and in our opinion, shouldn't be in a quality product!

The Cellular Resonance Effect

Exciting research over the last 15 years has suggested that the outer membrane structure of every cell in your body is a unique, semi-crystalline matrix.
This means that every one of the trillion plus cells in your body may have an ideal resonant frequency, much like a crystal glass that rings its own special note when struck.

The Harmonic Resonance Effect

The consequences of this stunning theory of resonant frequencies is enormous. It is a secret key that unlocks the hidden door to why some people can quickly shift to great health ‚Äì and others can‚Äôt. This discovery may answer why the ideal resonant frequency of each cell may only respond to certain nutrients.

The “Body of Light”

Ground-breaking experiments by German biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp of the University of Kaiserlautern and others have demonstrated a release of ‚Äúlight‚Äù emanates from healthy cells, which is not normally visible to the naked eye but easily quantified by highly sophisticated German optical equipment.

Falling Out of Cellular Harmony

Consuming nutrients that are synthetic or that have degraded resonant frequencies (from nutrients that have been poorly grown, pesticided, contaminated with chemical additives, etc.) may dampen your own cell‚Äôs resonant frequency. Obviously, for best health, the answer would be to consume quantum-state nutrients that have a ‚Äúbody of light‚Äù‚Äì without the junk (no toxic tagalongs such as stearates). Experience for yourself the nutritional elegance and prosperity of . . . ‚ÄúThe Quantum Nutrition Effect.‚Äù‚Ñ¢

1Example: The total antioxidant values for Slim-Body WheyTM exceeded the sum of its individual antioxidant values by a factor of 2 (measured by an independent British laboratory).

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