Here at QNL, we believe every customer has a right to ingredient transparency. Customers have a right to understand the ingredients in their supplements and foods fully, even at the smallest (Quantum) level, in order to make better dietary choices and live their healthiest life. It’s for this reason we’ve partnered with the following certifying bodies in order to bring transparency to our customers.

The Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to building and protecting a non-GMO food supply. They do this through consumer education and outreach programs; marketing support provided to Non-GMO Project Verified brands; and training resources and merchandising materials provided to retailers.


The following products have been certified Non-GMO Project Verified

Quantum HCL

Quantum Stomach Support

Quantum Brain Prodigy

Quantum Pink Salt

Quantum Bentonite Clay

Ionic Minerals 

Learn more about GMO’s at nongmoproject.org.

The OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international kosher certification agency, certifying over 800,000 products produced in more than 9,011 plants located in 104 countries around the world.


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The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) launched the Quality Systems GMP Audited Certification Program in response to the need to assure manufacturers and their customers that the manufacturers’ production facilities and operations meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Organic Certification allows a farm or processing facility to sell, label, and represent their products as organic. The organic brand provides consumers with more choices in the marketplace. The USDA protects consumer options by protecting the organic seal.

The following products have been certified USDA Organic

Quantum Limonene

QulturedTM Fermented Turmeric Blend

QulturedTM Fermented Mushrooms

QulturedTM Fermented Beets

Learn more about the USDA Organic Certification at usda.gov

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