Incredible Brain and Memory Support – Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D.

Have you ever wondered how you can boost your brain power and memory capacity – naturally? Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and cofounder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, has some helpful advice that can allow you to achieve incredible brain and memory health.  

On this episode of HealthLine Live radio show, Dr. Marshall covers common brain and memory concerns and offers some solutions to support your brain power. He begins by stating: “For memory, the fundamental thing that the brain, kidney, and nerves need is adequate amounts of DHA.” DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, is an essential fatty acid commonly derived from fish. 

However, Dr. Marshall recommends seeking out a vegetarian version of this helpful compound. He says: “When DHA is distilled, it can become concentrated. Scientists are able to filter out mercury, but the remaining DHA from fish sources still appears to be laden with PCBs. The vegetarian source (from algae) has greatly reduced amounts of mercury, PCBs, and other contaminants.” Dr. Marshall admits that this plant-source version of DHA may be slightly more expensive than the fish source, but that it is one of the cleanest and best sources that can be found. Dr. Marshall also recommends fish oil as a DHA source if it has been clay-purified to reduce contaminants. When it comes to your brain health – go for the best.  

In addition to adding DHA to your nutritional regimen, from either algae-source or clay-purified fish oil, Dr. Marshall states the importance of another amazing compound: resveratrol. “One of my favorite antioxidant support products, resveratrol, may help to slow damage inside of a cell. Resveratrol allows the cell to produce healthy DNA strands.”  

Dr. Marshall also recommends some dietary changes to power up brain health. “Restricting some toxic fats can help with brain and memory support as well, because many researchers have shown that we can have mini strokes in the brain from the wrong kind of fat consumption by the time we’re 50. Eliminating refined oils (such as canola oil, safflower oil, and soybean oil) and getting rid of chicken and eggs in your diet may be enough to continue to support the health of your brain.”  

Your brain is like a muscle and supporting its structure and function is critical to effective memory support. Amp up your brain power with these tips, and listen to the full episode of HealthLine Live radio show to hear the rest of Dr. Marshall’s brain support advice.  

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