What Quality is Your Produce? Ask the Brix Meter

You’ve started eating more fresh produce and switched to pesticide-free, organic fruits and veggies. But, for some reason, you still worry about how healthy the organic product really is. Yes, your concerns may hold merit. Even organic foods can still be poorly grown at times. Sometimes they’re over-watered, harvested at the wrong time, or maybe they were grown in poor soil. Whatever the reason, there is a simple way to find out the quality of your fruits and veggies: a refractometer. 

A refractometer – also referred to as a Brix Meter – is an indispensable tool that can help you select the highest quality foods to eat. By placing a couple drops of juice from a raw food on the meter’s viewing plate, you can quickly read the “Brix” number of the juice. The “Brix” number as seen on this simple, portable instrument directly correlates to the nutrient content level of the plant you are testing. The higher the number, the better the quality of produce.

The test is conducted by light frequencies entering the juice sample that then gives you a reading of the natural sugars that are present. These soluble sugar levels are reported in values of “Brix,” hence the name “Brix Meter.” Researchers have found that the levels of natural sugars present are directly related to the general health of the plant, including mineral levels. 

In general, you’d like to see to “Brix” values of at least 12 for most fruits and vegetables. Sadly, 4s and 5s are common. A “Brix” value of over 20 would signify outstanding produce. 

Most fruits and vegetables can be analyzed using this tool. All you need is one or two drops of juice from the plant. “Brix” readings can also be taken on root vegetables. 

If you’re interested in eating the highest quality of fruit and veggies, a Brix Meter is a wonderful tool to use right in your kitchen … or take the meter to the grocery store with you and ask for just one drop of juice to test a few types of produce. 

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