Calling All Busy Parents – You Can Stay in Shape, Too! Here’s How

Diapers. Soccer practice. Algebra homework. Dinner. A different dinner for Thomas, who is allergic to nuts and refuses to eat anything but macaroni and cheese. The duties of a parent never seem to end, and it can be difficult (read: impossible) to find any free time to exercise.

Try out these five fitness tips to help make time to sweat.

  1. Prioritize Your Workout: People make time for what they love. If you don’t prioritize your fitness, it won’t happen. To keep fit, make exercise a part of your daily or weekly routine. 
  1. Make as Plan and Stick to It: Figure out what type of schedule works for you. Maybe you need to recruit a gym buddy who will keep you accountable or attend a class that starts the same time every day. Maybe you need to go before work, or maybe you need to do a mix of kickboxing and lifting to stay focused. Whatever you choose, make a note of your plan and stick to it.
  1. Think Outside of the Box: Remember, you can help keep fit with any reasonably intense physical activity. For example, you burn calories when you carry your son up and down the stairs at the mall or climb the monkey bars with your daughter at the park.
  1. Start Small and Spread Out Your Efforts: Set attainable fitness goals. If you set your mind on working out for an hour each day, you risk getting discouraged if you fail. Start out with a reasonable and attainable goal, like working out a certain number of hours each week. Remember, the benefits of exercise are collective.
  1. Include Your Kids: Make it a family affair! Get the exercise you need and bring the kids along for the fun while they develop healthy exercise habits. Added bonus: you’ll strengthen your family relationships at the same time. Go for a hike, kick around a soccer ball, or practice your favorite yoga poses.