How to Boost Your Own Best Immune Function 

In an immune-focused episode of HealthLine, Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, discussed some of his favorite immune support products. He highlighted a variety of botanical agents and vitamins capable of supporting and strengthening the immune response.  

“This is a really big deal, and most people are not aware of some of the armamentarium that’s available these days,” Dr. Marshall stated. He highlighted one of his top favorite products for immune support: nucleotides.  

Nucleotides are the actual building blocks of our cells. It takes a staggering 6 billion nucleotides to build one single cell. If we have any tissue damage, we must call on our nucleotide supply to provide enough for repairs. However, the body may not have enough nucleotides on hand to support all tissue damage. Thus, nucleotides become a critical aspect in the immune system game. In Europe, nucleotides are viewed as an important factor to promoting the best health, despite any existing immune concerns. 

Dr. Marshall also discussed botanical agents such as olive leaf extract, which can be beneficial in supporting immune function. Olive leaf is a unique plant whose extract can interfere with the ability of foreign attackers such as viruses and bacteria to reproduce, making it an ideal botanical to add to any nutritional regimen.  

If you notice symptoms or immune system challenges, especially with the mouth, head, sinuses, or throat, oregano oil is a great go-to. It is an aromatic oil that can be easily gargled to take a quick first action against illness. Dr. Marshall stated: “You can gargle with this oil and anyone who’s sensitive to that spicy taste, take three or four drops of the oregano oil and three or four drops of organic orange oil and mix them together...then the heat from the oregano oil is gone.” 

Also highlighted in this episode were colostrum and vitamin D3. Colostrum, an immune-active compound from cows, supplies immunoglobulins that can act as a substitute immune system and reduce white blood cell damage. Vitamin D3 is another critical nutrient to support the immune system and is a big missing link for most people.   

It is estimated that 1 billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient. This vitamin is a critical player in the formation of the over 200 immune compounds that the body produces. Dr. Marshall also weighed in on vitamin D3, saying “Vitamin D3 is one you want to use day in and day out, so you don’t challenge your immune system with deficiencies.” 

The final product featured in this immune episode was natual-source vitamin C, another key supplement for immune system health. Unlike chemicalized ascorbic acid powder, real vitamin C should be derived from potent plant-sources such as amla fruit. Natural vitamin C is an important antioxidant which supplies a stellar immune system boost when fresh, organic fruit is not available. Dr. Marshall even emphasized “Natural vitamin C is something we all really need every day.”  

You can listen to the full immune health episode of HealthLine Live below.