One of Our Most Favorite Molecules: Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols are a stellar group of compounds with an interesting range of health benefits. They belong to the vitamin E family along with tocopherols. These compounds come in four different forms: alpha, beta, delta, and gamma, but it is the delta fraction that has the most stunning research. 

The average American diet contains more tocopherols than tocotrienols, since they are commonly added to food items to maintain freshness and shelf life. Therefore, supplementing with additional tocotrienols can be an excellent help to improve health on multiple fronts. Tocotrienols, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, have been shown to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, protect the liver from harmful fat intake, promote bone health, and promote brain health, even in Alzheimer’s cases. Because tocotrienols can help reduce inflammation, they can help reduce the risk of cancer, and prevent bone loss. Tocotrienols provide full support for the cell membrane that surrounds each and every cell in your body.  

Chronic inflammation can also be caused by free radical damage which is linked to many diseases, including skin aging and several cancers. One of the biggest benefits of tocotrienols is their ability to neutralize free radicals, and also reduce inflammation, thus protecting many different bodily systems from damage. Because your heart is vulnerable to inflammation, keeping inflammation levels low can help protect your overall heart health. Additionally, taking tocotrienols can help reduce cardiovascular risk factors such as high cholesterol which can be detrimental to heart health. Since cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of adults in America, this is a huge benefit. All of these benefits with no known side effects – what more could you ask for? 

Another benefit – incredible hair and skin health. Taking tocotrienols can help reverse or slow skin damage due to their antioxidant properties. This may help to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin looking youthful. Tocotrienols may even help to reduce hyperpigmentation, help repair skin damage, heal wounds, and protect your skin from UV ray exposure.  

The bottom line is that tocotrienols appear to have significant health benefits that can help keep free radical damage to a minimum. This amazing compound can help support whole body health in many different ways. With excellent supplement sources available, now you can make tocotrienols part of your nutritional regimen.