Fun Alternatives to Sticky, Sugary Sweets

With Halloween fast approaching, many parents may be wondering if there are alternatives to those sticky, sugary sweets that are common around this time of year. Although children may love them, Halloween treats are anything but healthy. The sugar, artificial sweeteners, and harmful additives in many of these candies can send blood sugar on a roller coaster, stress tooth health, and sideline healthy eating habits.

With childhood obesity rates approaching 17% in the United States, many parents are seeking out alternative options for candy during the holidays. Teaching children at a young age that sweet treats made with white sugar should be avoided in favor of healthier eating options is a good foundation. Giving children sweet treats made with organic, natural sugar such as organic maple syrup may create a positive change that can help shape their future health and wellness.

If you’re looking to avoid the sugar-rich candy overload this Halloween, check out some of these ideas for healthier, creative alternatives: 

Natural Fruit Leather

Fruit leathers are delicious treats that contain little to no artificial flavor or sugars. You can make your own by simply pureeing, spreading, and drying fresh fruit using this recipe, or you can purchase this treat in bulk to pass out to trick-or-treaters.

Bouncy Balls 

Although these may be a bouncing uproar to parents, kids go crazy for playing with some bouncing balls or maybe they can play with them outside! Some companies even make eyeball bouncy balls to add a spooky element to this fun toy.

Stickers and Bubbles 

Kids love putting stickers on many types of surfaces and also blowing bubbles during nice weather outside. These options are inexpensive and can provide a creative and engaging distraction that doesn’t have your kids stuffing their faces with candy at the end of the night!

Puzzles, Pens, and Crayons 

Another way to engage your child’s creativity is to offer puzzles, pens, or crayons as a gift on Halloween. These treats can help your little one engage their mind – and you can even find some fun, Halloween-themed puzzles, pens, and crayons that give this gift a spooky twist.

Glow Sticks 

Not only a fun gift, glow sticks can help children be easily spotted in the evening while trick-or-treating, making these sticks both fun and practical. Trust us, parents of trick-or-treaters will thank you, too! 

The Bottom Line 

Halloween can be a harmless and fun holiday, but when kids binge on sugar-laden candy on October 31st and every night after for weeks (or months), this can establish some unhealthy habits that weaken teeth, bones, and worsen moods. Help your kids kick out sugar consumption by offering healthy treats and some fun alternatives instead this Halloween.