Getting Grounded: How Reconnecting with the Earth Can Improve Your Health

An afternoon on the beach or time working in the garden can do a lot more than give you a bronze tan and some veggies. Studies reveal that making direct physical contact with the earth promotes well-being.

Studies show that walking barefoot outside – also known as “grounding” (or “earthing”) – can lead to a variety of health benefits, including better sleep and reduced pain.

Scientists believe this is due to the makeup of the Earth. The surface of the planet is electrically conductive (except in certain areas, like deserts) and its electron potential is maintained by the global atmospheric electrical circuit. Evidence suggests this creates a stable bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of our bodies.

Our ancestors likely benefitted from the effects of grounding more than humans to do today. They walked barefoot or wore footwear made of animal skins and slept directly on the ground. This allowed electrons to enter the body.

Today’s lifestyle is very different. Rubber- or plastic-soled shoes separate us from the Earth, as do mattresses, bed frames and floors.