Can Medicinal Mushrooms Fight Viral Invaders?

Do you think your body is continually under attack by germs, toxins, and other immune-compromising invaders? Research says yes. You are exposed to many immune insults in your environment, which can create stress and anxiety that can keep your immune system on high alert, demanding extra attention and depleting your immune system. How can you use natural agents to support your immunity response? 

How Does Your Immune System Work? 

When your immune system detects bacteria, viruses, or other germs and toxins actively disrupting your internal ecology, it activates an alarm system that sends biochemical alerts to other immune system cells. Although this healthy immune response helps your body protect itself from potentially harmful invaders, it can also lead to inflammation in your cells if you are short on immune-support nutrition. Your immune system can do a phenomenal job of defending your body against disease-causing microorganisms - but only when adequate nutrition stores are present. If you have poor nutrition status, germs or viral invaders can sometimes sneak through the cracks to make you sick.

While your immune system is naturally programmed to protect you from incoming invaders, your immune response can sometimes create a harmful effect if it ends up producing an excessive inflammatory response known as a cytokine storm.

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder 

Your immune system works best when it is supported nutritionally every day. This means including nature-source vitamins and minerals in your daily diet that elegantly support your immune response. Nutritional masterpieces such as medicinal mushrooms, including cordyceps, reishi, and maitake, can offer impressive, long-term support for your immune response.

Medicinal mushrooms have been scientifically proven to contain adaptogenic qualities that can magnificently help your immune system respond to unwanted invaders. The wide range of specialized agents in medicinal mushrooms can help the body adapt to adverse circumstances by upregulating your immune system to mount attacks against invaders and modulate a healthy inflammatory response naturally. Because these agents may also help counter an excessive inflammatory response, it helps you feel your best while fighting off invaders. A nice combo of effects! 

Other Natural Immune Agents 

Ancient civilizations relied on plant-based medicine to keep healthy, fight diseases, and treat symptoms of afflictions. Herbal remedies, including well-grown turmeric, ginger, star anise, and olive leaf, can also help invigorate the strength of your immune system to keep colds and other diseases at bay. Including fresh organic fruits and vegetables in your daily routine can also provide your body with a full range of the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to thrive.