Nucleotides: The Immune Health Booster You’ve Never Heard Of

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of nucleotides? Nucleotides are organic molecules that play a central role in metabolic functions and provide energy throughout your body. Essentially, nucleotides are the basic building blocks of RNA and DNA (the nucleic acids that reside in all cells). Each tiny cell contains over 6 billion nucleotides. Nucleotides are used to power up any reaction in your body that requires energy, including protein synthesis, cell signaling, and metabolism function. But these powerful little molecules serve another important function – solid immune support.  

When you are sick or injured, your body enters a mode of accelerated healing. Because the body uses nucleotides to help facilitate tissue healing, your nucleotide stores can become depleted. The cells that suffer from nucleotide depletion quite seriously are your immune and gastrointestinal cells. This “empty tank” of nucleotide can lead to further health concerns. That’s why many people like to build up their stores of nucleotides by eating nucleotide-rich foods or taking nucleotides as a supplement.  

Research shows that sufficient amounts of nucleotides are required for healthy immune defense. In two different studies, participants consumed either a diet containing nucleotides or a diet that was nucleotide-free. The participants who ate nucleotides as part of their diet had improved immune function compared to those whose diet did not contain nucleotides. Some revealing studies have disclosed that nucleotides can promote the healthy reproduction of T cells, the natural killer cells of the immune system.1,2 This is important, eye-opening research because T cells are a major internal force to protect the body from disease.  

On top of their incredible immune-supporting abilities, nucleotides are also thought to beneficially influence gut flora and inflammation. Some studies have indicated that nucleotides may also help you better absorb the nutrients in the food you eat.  

Where can you obtain nucleotides? Nucleotides are found in abundance in a few common foods – mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, and lentils are among a few foods that are packed with nucleotides. Throw some cooked mushrooms into a spinach salad, add a handful of asparagus to organic rice pasta, or munch on delicious, lentil-stuffed mushrooms for an easy boost of this helpful compound. Alternatively, taking nucleotides as a supplement can also boost your nucleotide levels. Give your immune system the best TLC with some very welcome nucleotide attention.