Nucleotides: Can They Boost Your Immune Function? 

The most critical step you can take to protect your health is to make sure your body has a sufficient amount of quality nutrients to stay healthy. In addition to plant-based vitamins and minerals, we can also supplement our immune health with one little-known ingredient – nucleotides!

Nucleotides are the building blocks (structural components) of RNA and DNA in every cell. Each cell in your body has over 6 billion nucleotides. The body stores nucleotides for use when we need them, but our bodies can use them up quickly after infection or trauma. Nucleotides are made up of a nucleoside base and a phosphate group. These bases include adenosine, guanosine, thymidine, and cytidine. Nucleotides also take part in cellular communication and are key support to help enzymatic reactions take place in the body. So it is easy to see that these tiny molecules are critical to our immune system health.

The body also uses nucleotides to help repair our bodies after hard exercise. When we engage in heavy exercise, our immune system can be stressed. This is because our bodies use up its energy in repairing the tiny muscle tears that are a natural result of intense exercise.

A 2013 study investigated the effect of nucleotide supplements in athletes who were highly trained in taekwondo. This study found a beneficial link between taking nucleotide supplements and improved immune function after heavy exercise, suggesting that taking additional nucleotides may be able to help boost immune function.

One of the easiest ways to boost your immune function and at the same time, decrease your recovery time after exercise, is to make sure you have plenty of nucleotides to repair damaged cells. Foods such as shrimp, anchovies, lentils, and asparagus can help supply natural nucleotides. In addition, taking a trusted nucleotide nutritional supplement to provide outstanding benefits can be a wise choice.  


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