Tips for Optimal Gallbladder Health – Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D.

When is the last time you thought about the health of your gallbladder? Has it been a while? Many of us do not think about our gallbladders very often, but this small organ can actually have a large impact on the health of your intestines! 

On this episode of Healthline Live Radio Show, Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, discusses the gallbladder: “It’s meant to hold bile, which the liver produces. Bile contains waste products and toxins that the liver has taken out of your food. As you eat a meal with fat in it, the gallbladder will squirt some of that bile into your intestinal tract to emulsify the fats you’ve just eaten.” 

The gallbladder performs another critical function: precipitating excess cholesterol from the blood. Your gallbladder works hard to help your liver and intestinal tract digest food and remove toxins from your body. As Dr. Marshall says, “This little guy’s a workhorse!” 

Unfortunately, your gallbladder can run into some troubles. In fact, Dr. Marshall warns that “many of you may not even notice some early signs that the gallbladder needs some support, such as burping and belching, difficulty falling asleep, intestinal gas.” The good news is that there are some simple steps that you can take to keep your gallbladder in shape.  

Dr. Marshall lays it out: “Many troubles with the gallbladder can come on if we don’t have adequate vitamin B6. B6 keeps cholesterol in suspension in your bile. Without B6, bile begins to precipitate and make bile stones.” This can lead to further troubles, including the loss of the gallbladder through surgery. To avoid this, he recommends that you consume adequate amounts of B6 through your diet or nutritional regimen.  

Additionally, refined oils and foods high in saturated fat (such as animal-based products) can be tough on the gallbladder. Adopting a plant-based diet and swapping out refined oil from the diet can make a major impact on the health of your gallbladder. Dr. Marshall also suggests plenty of omega three fatty acids and fish oil to support the health of your gallbladder and connective tissues. Isn’t it time to take a few simple steps to a healthier gallbladder

Listen to the full episode of Healthline Live to hear all of Dr. Marshall’s gallbladder advice. 

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