A Holiday Message from Dr. Linda Forbes, CEO of Quantum Nutrition Labs

As the year comes to an end and we celebrate the holidays, I would like to personally thank our Quantum community for another fantastic year of health and wellness. While 2020 has thrown many health-related challenges our way, I am grateful for the endless loyalty, support, and trust that our customers have placed in Quantum Nutrition Labs.  

Quantum Nutrition Labs was founded on the belief that a drastic change was needed in the supplement industry to ensure high quality nutritional supplements were available to everyone. QNL was born with a driving mission to source optimal quality raw materials from trusted suppliers all over the world and manufacturing stellar nutrients without the use of toxic excipients, providing “clean” supplements to all. 

The holidays are a season to give thanks for your blessings. Every day at work, the exceptional team at Quantum Nutrition Labs and myself are proud to bring you and your family high-quality supplements that you can count on . . . day in and day out.  

Our highest goal is and always has been to provide you with uncompromised support for your best health and wellness. We believe that our dedication to quality over the years has helped us to become recognized as a highly trusted brand where you and your family can have confidence in your supplements.  

This holiday season, I sincerely thank each and every one of our beloved customers for placing their confidence and trust in Quantum Nutrition Labs. Thank you for allowing Quantum Nutrition Labs to provide you and your family with high-quality supplements and nutritional support. 

Happy holidays and happy New Year! 

Dr. L. L. Forbes, DC, LAc, DACBN 

Chief Executive Officer 

Quantum Nutrition Labs