Are You Getting Enough of these Amazing Amino Acids? 

Are you so busy keeping track of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, that you are forgetting the OTHER important nutrient? With much to analyze, are you also paying attention to the AMINO ACIDS in your diet?

Why should you care? Amino acids, the precious building blocks of protein, are amazing compounds that play a wide range of critical roles in activating your body’s processes, including building essential proteins, healthy hormones, and brain-friendly neurotransmitters. They are not just helpful. . . they are critical! 

What Can Amino Acids Do for You? 

Amino acids are essential building blocks of life. When you eat dietary protein, it is digested (broken down), resulting in amino acids. These amino acids are able to assemble into proteins that help the body carry out key functions, including:  

  • Breaking down food (for optimal digestion) 
  • Healthy cell growth and maintenance  
  • Repair body tissue  
  • Support healthy mood and quality sleep cycles  
  • Improve exercise performance and recovery 
  • And much more! 

The benefits of amino acids are really countless! But which amino acids should you incorporate in your daily nutrition program?  

“Eating to the Nines”: Nine Essential Amino Acids You Need 

Some amino acids are called “essential” because they cannot be made within your body. You can get them ONLY from eating them from food sources.  

These “nifty nine” amino acids are:   

  • Histidine  
  • Isoleucine  
  • Leucine  
  • Lysine  
  • Methionine  
  • Phenylalanine  
  • Threonine  
  • Tryptophan  
  • Valine  

OK, that list does look like a bunch of technical names. But your key take-away is that you need these nine amino acids in sufficient quantities on a regular basis. They activate and coordinate many vital processes to keep your body functioning at its peak. Your body depends on them to support your nervous, reproductive, immune, and digestive systems – just to name a few!   

Foods that are rich in these essential compounds are wild-caught fish and green peas. Some plant-based sources of protein, such as nuts, beans, and whole grains, may contain some of these essential amino acids, but lack one or more of these nine.   

Nonessential Amino Acids -- But Still Needed for Full Body Support

Other amino acids are labeled as “nonessential.” They are called nonessential because your body is capable of producing these amino acids internally. Examples are arginine, cysteine, glutamine, and tyrosine, among others.  

These nonessential amino acids are called into play during times when your body is fighting illness and stress. Your body needs daily support in the form of these beneficial amino compounds, both essential and nonessential.  

What Type of Protein is Best? 

When you hear the name “amino acids,” think of your little army of protein sub-units as mighty little warriors that support your overall health and wellness in so many ways. Nerves. Muscles. Digestion. Immunity. Brain. Yes, your body needs high quality amino acids!

But what type of protein (amino acids) is best? Many research studies point to plant-based protein as your optimal source – not animal protein. Plant protein can provide a complete, robust protein source and in contrast to animal protein, is easy to digest, is free of heart-clogging saturated fat and is free of antibiotics.  

The Bottom Line

Why not keep your body strong, healthy and youthful for years to come? To boost your diet with high quality amino acids, choose an organic, plant-based protein supplement made by a reputable company with a long history of stellar quality. The team at Quantum Nutrition Labs knows a thing or two about quality. Check this out!