Are You Feeling the Jolt of Allergy Season Yet?

Seasonal allergies can affect as much as 8% of the population in the United States. Although most people consider allergies to primarily occur during the spring, some allergens (including cedar and ragweed) tend to strike in the fall and winter seasons. If you are suffering from allergies, some common symptoms you might experience include itching on your face (especially your eyes), sniffles, and congestion. More severe symptoms of allergies can involve fatigue, headaches, facial discomfort, a sore throat, a partial loss of smell, and the sensation that your ears are “plugged up” or congested.  

Luckily, here are a few natural ways you can use to combat allergy season.  

How to Cleanse Your Nose 

Allergens can adhere to your mucus membranes, which includes your nasal passages. The use of a neti pot or sinus irrigator can be used to flush your nose with purified water that might help keep the sniffles at bay. To experience the best benefits, research the proper use of these natural treatments first, before you use them.

How to Creatively Cope with Stress 

Did you know that stress hormones can make your seasonal allergies even worse? When you become stressed, your body naturally begins to release additional amounts of hormones that include histamine, a powerful chemical that can lead to allergy symptoms. While histamine itself doesn’t normally cause allergic reactions, it can make allergy symptoms much worse by increasing the amount of histamine in your bloodstream. To decrease your feelings of stress, take intentional time for a bit of pampering self-care by enjoying some reflective meditation or use a natural remedy like hemp oil extract which is known to smooth your mood and emotions.  

Local Honey to the Rescue! 

Buzzing bees might have the perfect remedy for your allergy woes! Raw honey that is sourced from local beekeepers naturally contains small bits of local pollens. During the time of your region’s allergy season, add some of this raw, local-sourced honey into your daily routine can help your body build up a tolerance to pollen in your area, which in many cases helps to reduce the symptoms of allergies. Use honey to sweeten any dish, smoothie, or tea. See if it helps to keep those sneezes at bay! 

Herbal Remedies with Allergy Fighting Power 

Nature actually offers a number of naturally occurring compounds that might help alleviate some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Remedies like quercetin, bromelain, NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine), vitamin C, and green tea might help strengthen your immune system against these seasonal irritants. Adding these compounds into your diet with nutritional supplements or dietary changes might help you battle through cedar season with ease.

The Bottom Line 

If you often spend a few months each year in a perpetual state of the sniffles, try some of these natural remedies. You may wish you’d used them long ago!