Can This Amazing Mushroom Help You Manage Stress?

Stressed out? What if you could ease your mind with a famous natural botanical substance? The renowned mushroom, Cordyceps sinensis, is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidant properties, and its ability to support heart health.1,2,3 In addition, this incredible medicinal mushroom can also provide mood and stress support due to its adaptogenic qualities! 

An adaptogen is an agent that helps your body manage and respond to physical, mental, and emotional stressors with a superior response. Long-term stress, whether physical or mental, can cause the body to become inflamed, leading to gastrointestinal issues or stomach problems. Chronic inflammation can be a precursor to severe health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers.  

One revealing study evaluated the effect of Cordyceps sinensis on the stress response in animals. It found that the indexes of stress were suppressed when the animals were given Cordyceps sinensis supplements.4 These findings indicate that this mushroom may be able to help support healthy stress responses, which can then combat inflammation and other negative effects of chronic stress.   

Another study in 2015 investigated the effects of oxidative stress in rats and found that Cordyceps sinensis helped the rats experience anti-stress effects.5 Yet another study examined this mushroom in relation to post-exercise fatigue, finding that a Cordyceps sinensis supplement improved the recovery period of rats who were given the supplement.6  

When the body is physically injured, its stress response is triggered, which can result in unhealthy inflammation. Similarly, when the body is under mental anguish, the body releases similar types of stress responses, which can also result in inflammation.7 This inflammation often occurs in the gastrointestinal tract and can lead to digestive-related symptoms such as abdominal pain, an upset stomach, indigestion, nausea, or vomiting and diarrhea. As an adaptogen, Cordyceps sinensis can help your body manage this stress much better, thus keeping inflammation low and your body healthier.  

These studies demonstrate the promising effects that Cordyceps sinensis has on the stress response. In addition, this superstar mushroom has many other benefits including anti-aging effects and boosting exercise performance. When selecting a Cordyceps sinensis formula to add to your nutritional regimen, be sure to choose a formula from a trusted, reputable company with high quality standards. Fermented cordyceps is especially powerful as a nutritional agent.


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