Can’t Sleep? Try the Herb Proven to Help

According to studies, 50 million Americans are affected by sleep-related problems. That’s why every day, more and more Americans are turning to alternatives methods for relief.

Saffron is a well-known spice that is used in cuisines around the world. It is valued for its distinct aroma and color. Saffron also has many medicinal properties, including improving overall health, aiding in weight loss, and promoting restful sleep.

Saffron promotes calmness and induces sleep due to its mild sedative properties. There are a variety of ways you can incorporate saffron into your diet.

For example, if you have saffron on hand, just add a few strands to a cup of hot water or milk. This pulls the flavor from the saffron and allows you to experience its incredible health benefits.

You can also cook a tasty meal or side dish using saffron, such as saffron rice pilaf, risotto, and chickpea and saffron stew.