Why Incorporate Garlic Into Your Diet? Dr. Marshall, Ph.D., Has the Answers

Garlic may be a common seasoning for food, but did you know that those little cloves of garlic pack some extreme health benefits? Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, explores the power of garlic on this episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show.  

“Allicin is the active fraction of garlic, and it’s a wonderful ingredient in the body,” he explains. “When combined with a sulfur-rich form of wild garlic called Bear Garlic, allicin becomes a beneficial biofilm buster. Biofilms are thick sugary sacks that can grow to more than 14 micrometers in diameter. They can become glued to any mucous membrane in the body and slow or block its function. When biofilms get too large, they become beyond the immune system’s ability to dissolve them and kick them out.”  

Dr. Marshall elaborates on how beneficial garlic is in getting rid of these stubborn biofilms: “Allicin is very powerful at disrupting and eliminating the biofilms. This can help any mucous membrane in your body, such as those found lining the lungs, uterus, vaginal area and bladder. All of these can be aided by allicin as found in garlic.”  

Combining allicin with other targeted botanical support for these mucous membrane areas can be even more beneficial than allicin on its own. Dr. Marshall has a few recommendations: “You can get some allicin, and then also take a botanical ingredient that targets whichever area of the body you’d like to target. You’ll be blown away at what the combination can do for the body. It’s a great way to promote the best structure and function of that tissue.” 

One mucous membrane in the body is a little more complex than others: the sinuses. Dr. Marshall explains: “If you’re targeting your sinuses and trying to promote their best health, please remember that they are a reflection of your liver. The liver is a reflection of your ability or inability to digest food properly. If you’ve gotten older and don’t produce as much hydrochloric acid, rotting food may remain in your gut, distressing your immune system. This can leave you with some tough sinus issues.”  

Luckily for us . . . “nature has provided so many wonderful rescuers, one of which is allicin,” Dr. Marshall explains. “Be sure to get the best of the best of all garlics, including Bear Garlic, which is loaded with sulfur and a gentle but effective biofilm breaker.” For those with poor digestion, he also recommends the regular use of an HCL product to be taken after meals.

Listen to the full episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show to hear all of Dr. Marshall’s garlic recommendations.