Say Hello to Your New Favorite Superfood... Chlorella!

What is the ONE superfood ingredient that many people forget to add to their daily morning smoothie?

It’s chlorella!

Chlorella what?! Yes, chlorella. It’s a type of highly nutritious algae that grows in freshwater. It has a tantalizing bright emerald green color when growing in water. And this super plant is a bonanza of nutrition! It is naturally rich in quality protein along with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, not to mention its dietary fiber. And we’re about to list out a few of its wide range of health benefits.

But first . . .

Should you be adding this superfood to your daily green smoothie?

Loaded question, right? The answer is “Yes, or course!” You definitely want to add this superfood to your morning smoothie – or you can simply take chlorella as a nutritional supplement.

Four Impressive Health Benefits of Chlorella

The benefits of chlorella go far beyond just being a good protein source. Below are some of the top benefits of chlorella.

1. Master Nutrition Agent: A Rich Variety of Vitamins & Nutrients

This little green powerhouse is like a master agent of nutrition. It has loads of quality nutrition hidden on board. So let’s get granular.

Chlorella’s beneficial nutrients include:

  • Plant Protein: Chlorella is composed of 50–60% protein which includes all nine essential amino acids. Getting enough protein is essential for building lean muscle, reducing muscle loss, recovering after an injury and even curbing hunger.
  • Plant Iron: Chlorella offers of good source of plant-based iron (a common mineral deficiency in the U.S.) Regular intake of iron is needed to help prevent iron deficiency anemia.
  • Natural vitamin C. Because chlorella is an excellent source of vitamin C, it naturally helps you absorb iron.
  • Antioxidants: These tiny green cells contain a wide range of antioxidants such as carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lutein. Antioxidants help fight cellular stress in the body and are known to help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases.
  • Key vitamins and minerals: Chlorella provides small amounts of many essential nutrients including B vitamins, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Chlorella also contains natural omega 3 fatty acids, a type of essential fat the body cannot make on its own. These fats are not optional and are required for optimal health.
  • Fiber: When taking sufficient amounts, chlorella can offer a good source of fiber.

2. Cleans up xenoestrogens (toxic compounds that are everywhere)

Although estrogen is an important hormone naturally produced by your body, certain synthetic substances can mimic your own natural estrogen, fooling your body into absorbing it instead of real estrogen. Then, it’s able to damage your body cells. These toxic mimickers are called xenoestrogens (aka “foreign estrogens”) and they are found everywhere.

Examples of xenoestrogens are found in sunscreen lotions, pesticides in food, styrofoam coffee cups, plastics (plastic containers and beverage holders), cosmetics, and much more. The more your exposure to xenoestrogens, the more likely the chance of developing immune problems. For example, over 160 xenoestrogens may be involved in the development of breast issues. Unfortunately, cosmetic beauty products are often a significant source of xenoestrogens for women.

How refreshing to know that chlorella can help detoxify these nasty xenoestrogens – which makes it a great idea to take chlorella on a regular basis to help kick out these unwanted accumulations in the body.

3. Helps detox heavy metals

Animal studies show that chlorella can be effective at helping remove heavy metals as well as other harmful compounds from the body, such as cadmium and lead. Chlorella has also been shown to help decrease other harmful chemicals such as dioxin, a potent hormone disruptor that can contaminate the food supply. Based on this research, it appears that chlorella can help enhance the body’s own clearance of toxins.

4. Tune up your immune system

Chlorella’s robust nutrition with many active antioxidants has been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and even anti-tumor properties.

In a variety of clinical studies, this green botanical superstar also increased white blood cell levels, clearly supporting the overall health of the immune system. White blood cells help fight off and neutralize unwanted invaders, such as bacteria and viruses.

5. Ramp UP Your Endurance and Exercise Performance

Endurance exercise requires a large amount of oxygen to be transported in and out of your body very rapidly – hence all the huffing and puffing when you work up a sweat!

One study found that chlorella improved oxygen intake in people, a key factor in aerobic endurance capacity. In addition to providing much-needed protein and nutritional support for athletes, this study pointed toward chlorella as a future must-have supplement for endurance athletes.

What’s The Best Source?

While chlorella has a multitude of health benefits, it also has a tough, rigid outer cell wall that makes it hard to digest in its natural form. Special processing is needed to make the nutrients of chlorella digestible, called the Broken Cell Wall process. Look for this term on the label of a good chlorella supplement. If it’s not there, the chlorella may be difficult to digest.

For best effect, never consume chlorella as a tablet – or you may potentially be ingesting unwanted “binders” needed to hold the tablet together. Instead, your best choice is chlorella in powder form or as nontoxic capsules. But Buyer beware! Always be sure to purchase your chlorella supplement from a reputable company with a long history of superior quality and excellence. There’s no substitute for quality.


Who knew that the tiny green cells of chlorella are truly a nutrition GIANT!


Jenny Perez is an herbal educator, researcher, and writer who has been immersed in the field of nutrition and botanical medicine for more than 20 years. Jenny has created curriculum, content, and educational materials for Quantum Nutrition Labs, Premier Research Labs, the American Botanical Council, and Bastyr University’s Botanical Medicine Department where she was Adjunct Faculty, Herb Garden Manager, and Director of the Holistic Landscape Design certificate program.