What is Small and Red and has Secret Super Powers?

Hawthorn plants are small thorny shrubs that look similar to rose bushes, which produce small red or black berries. Small but powerful, these little berries provide astounding health benefits including support for heart health, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, and natural antioxidant support. 

Multiple scientific studies have shown that consuming hawthorn berries can support the strength of the heart muscle, promote greater exercise endurance and tolerance, and also support regular heart rhythm. Research shows that the flavonoids within this berry, most notably, proanthocyanidins, are able to help promote healthy blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels.  

However, it is thought that the range of interaction of various compounds in the berry is what is able to deliver the full therapeutic effects. In addition, taking hawthorn berries is also used to address digestive system issues such as diarrhea, stomach pain, and indigestion. These berries contain natural fiber which helps support healthy digestion by reducing constipation. They can also act as a prebiotic, supplying your gut with healthy bacteria that it uses to break down the foods you eat.  

Hawthorn berries also showcase high quantities of polyphenols. These are micronutrients that are packed with antioxidants and many health benefits. Antioxidants help your body neutralize unstable free radicals which can be hidden in foods or be present in environmental toxins. Plant polyphenols from hawthorn berries are linked to numerous health benefits. More studies are underway to determine their complete range of benefits.  

Think of these berries as little powerhouses that pack excellent anti-inflammatory properties and mood balancing effects, all in one plant. Since chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of diseases, hawthorn berry extract may be an outstanding choice due to its ability to significantly reduce inflammatory compound levels. In addition, since hawthorn berries have been shown to potentially help in the prevention of hair loss, they have become a common ingredient in commercial hair growth products. Really, what can’t these berries do? 

The biggest perk of hawthorn berries? They are super easy to add to your diet. They can be found in specialty food stores or local farmers markets and can be eaten raw, in jams, or as wine. Additionally, you can brew yourself a delicious cup of hawthorn berry tea to experience some of these incredible health benefits. What are you waiting for . . . you’ll love adding hawthorn to your nutritional arsenal today!