Your Top 3 Nutrients for Healthy Muscle Mass

Whether you hit the gym daily or simply enjoy a leisurely walk after work every day, your muscular health is YOUR key foundation to ensure your overall health and wellness. If your muscle mass starts to decrease, then your body’s overall function may take a dive also.  

Unfortunately, as you get older, your muscle mass can decrease at alarming rates. However, the good news is that researchers have found that people over age 50 are able to maintain their muscle mass and even increase it by lifting weights and other activities.  

So don’t take walking, running or lifting things for granted. Take the extra steps to keep your muscle strength in tip-top shape by regular exercise and a good nutrient program.  

Check out these TOP 3 key essential nutrients for muscle health below:  

#1. Glutamine – The Great Amino Torino: Excellent Muscle and Gastrointestinal Support  

As a kid, I remember admiring my uncle’s beautiful muscle car, a powerful Ford Torino. And that’s how I think of glutamine – as the Great Amino Torino – a powerful nutrient! It reminds me of how key nutrients can really make a difference for muscle health.

Glutamine is a critical amino acid that supports the health of muscles and the gastrointestinal tract. Because research shows that glutamine supports the preservation of muscle mass, this amino acid can be an important part of your post-exercise recovery regimen. Glutamine is also a building block of protein which is key for supporting muscle mass. This amino acid also serves as a critical source of energy for intestinal cells and helps maintain a healthy barrier between the intestines and the rest of the body (to keep the bad guys out).   

While good sources of glutamine are wild-caught fish, leafy greens, and beans, supplementing with glutamine as a dietary supplement can help give you more concentrated levels to support your muscle health and keep your intestines thriving.   

#2. Arginine, Lysine, and Ornithine – 3 Key Aminos for Impressive Muscle Health

Amino acids are amazing, multilayer, organic compounds that form the building blocks for proteins. They are found in nearly every system of your body. These unique compounds are necessary for vital processes such as building protein and synthesizing hormones. They also promote the production of nitric oxide, a now-famous compound that helps support healthy blood flow.  

The specific amino acids, arginine, lysine, and ornithine, help support healthy muscle strength and lean muscle tone. While foods such as beans and lentils can provide an array of amino acids, taking a nutritional supplement with tested proportions of these three key amino acids may promote outstanding results for muscle health.  

These three key muscle-health amino acids help build healthy muscles and also support your body in getting rid of excessive nitrogen (a waste product from protein consumption). These three aminos also support your liver, boost immune function and help increase fat metabolism. They also help absorb calcium and lower cholesterol. 

In particular, research studies suggest that lysine in combination with arginine enhances the production of collagen and makes bone-building cells more active. Now you can see why this trio of aminos is certainly impressive.  

#3. Powerful Plant Protein

Arguably the most important nutrient for muscle health is protein. It serves as the building block for all muscular tissue. Eating adequate amounts of protein in your diet is critical to helping you maintain adequate muscle mass, promote muscle growth, and support muscle health.   

However, sources of dietary protein can vary widely. Some sources may be more beneficial than others. Protein from animal sources, such as chicken and steak, contain high levels of questionable saturated fat and a high cholesterol content while sources of plant protein have none. Additionally, only plant-based proteins contain fiber, which helps the digestive system break down dietary protein as well as serving as fermentable fiber. Gut bacteria are able to ferment dietary soluble fibers into short-chain fatty acids which have a wide range of health benefits.   

Plant-based protein can come from many sources such as tempeh, edamame, lentils and beans – just to name a few! However, for consistency and convenience, organic, plant-based protein powders are a useful, easy-to-absorb protein source to a morning smoothie or oatmeal.   

The Bottom Line

Don’t take your muscle mass and muscle health for granted! Key support nutrients can elegantly support your muscle fitness, such as glutamine, the amino trio (arginine, lysine, ornithine) and organic plant-based protein.  

When using amino acids and plant protein in supplement form, be sure to choose a reputable company with a track record of excellence in manufacturing and high-quality products without “junk” excipients.  

See you out at the track!