How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation has been classified as a “potential carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (WHO). This classification puts cell phone radiation in the same category as DDT, lead, and engine exhaust.

The organization says prolonged use can possibly increase the risk of specific types of brain cancer and tumor growth. Other health concerns from wireless radiation include increased oxidative stress, altered brain activity, hearing loss, fertility issues and impacts on brain neuron maturation.

Cellular radiation, technically referred to as low-level radio frequency, is similar to what is emitted by microwaves. While not as strong as some other sources of radiation – like x-rays – the radiation can penetrate the brain, harm DNA and release destructive free radicals.

To avoid the harmful side effects of cell phone radiation, consider these easy ways to reduce your exposure:

  • Use a corded landline when possible, so you can limit cell phone use at home and in your office.
  • When you do use your cell phone, use the speakerphone, ear buds or other headsets. The goal of these accessories are to keep the phone farther away from your head, which lessens the amount of radiation you're absorbing.
  • Use protectors designed to block radiation.
  • Choose hard-wired Internet connections for home phones and tech devices.
  • Avoid putting your phone in pockets or close to your bed. The farther away your phone is, the better.

Pregnant women should avoid storing their phone against their body or resting their cell phone on their belly while in use.

While studies on the effects of radiation are still underway, these simple changes may have a big impact on your overall radiation exposure.