Improve Your Digestion with Plant Enzymes – Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D.

One of the top health concerns of most Americans is digestion – how to improve it, how to maintain it, and how to incorporate products in your diet that will support it. Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, discusses how to support your own best digestion on this episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show.  

Dr. Marshall advises: “For superior digestion, I recommend taking a multi-enzyme digestive support formula. This will help digest carbohydrates and protein and is particularly helpful for those who were not breastfed to term.” He details the importance of having been breastfed as a baby in order to have a healthy digestive system. Dr. Marshall points out: “We pretty much have a nation of people that have not been breastfed to term. Ideally, you would be breastfed between 12 and 24 months. Not breastfeeding to term can mean that important enzymes and immune factors were not made available to your digestive system, which can impact how well your body can break down foods at a later age.” 

Other factors can play havoc with your digestion. He also emphasizes: “If you have had a parasitic infection or have used antibiotics heavily or been afflicted with something like food poisoning that has caused injury to your bowels, you may no longer be able to produce the proper digestive enzymes you need.” Dr. Marshall outlines how you can determine whether your digestive system is functioning poorly: “If you eat a meal and get mucus immediately afterwards or feel gassy or bloated after eating, you may be low on digestive enzymes. This is very common and can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients that it needs to support your basic health.” 

Dr. Marshall discusses enzyme formulas in detail: “You’ll feel a difference from a powerful specialty multi-enzyme digestive support. These enzymes can help your body break down foods, including protein and carbohydrates. If you’re missing these, you’ll notice that you don’t feel as strong or have a sense of power that many people do. You’re going to love adding an enzyme formula to your daily routine. It will give you a much better quality of life.” 

Listen to the full episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show to hear all of Dr. Marshall’s recommendations to enjoy superior digestive health.