Stressed? Don’t Forget Your B Vitamins! - Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D.

You may not realize it, but B vitamins play a vital role in many different organs and bodily systems. These can have a great effect not just on your overall health, but how you feel day in and day out. B vitamins, or the lack thereof, can have a direct impact on your energy levels and how you manage stress. Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, points out the critical role of B vitamins in this episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show. 

“B vitamins are critical for your best brain function, adrenal production, liver detoxification, and pancreatic function. So this guy wears many different hats,” Dr. Marshall explains. He finds that B vitamins are truly dynamic energy support, and even mood support, “because you’re sure going to feel a lot better when you’ve got more energy.” 

Some of us are in more desperate need of B vitamin support than others. Speaking from clinical experience, Dr. Marshall continues: “If you've been under a lot of stress, you're going to need more in the way of B vitamins. If you don't sleep well, you will also need more B vitamins. And if you have made the mistake of drinking coffee on a regular basis, you will also need more B vitamins.” Why? Because stressors recruit the adrenals to produce more adrenaline, which can use up B vitamin stores. Dr. Marshall emphasizes, “Stressful events are times when you really want to have extra B vitamin support.” 

So if you find yourself under high stress, you’ll want to make sure you have enough B vitamin support to continue properly supporting your brain, the liver, the pancreas, and the adrenal glands. Dr. Marshall especially recommends taking a B vitamin complex in a probiotic-fermented form, since it is very easy to absorb. “After many years of research, this is my favorite type of B vitamin complex. Most people can feel the difference right away.” 

Listen to the full episode of HealthLine Live Radio Show below to hear more about Dr. Marshall’s favorite B vitamin complex.