Is Your Cell Phone Slowly Wearing You Down?

Can your cell phone be harming you? Cell phones work by transmitting radio waves through fixed antennas called base stations. These radiofrequency waves emit electromagnetic fields which are classified as non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation emanates from objects such as microwave ovens, computers, wireless routers, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, and power lines. Ionizing radiation, which is much more damaging due to the higher frequency of the radio waves, comes from ultraviolet (UV) light such as X-rays.  

Are artificial EMFs (from cell phones, wifi, smartmeters and even the wiring in your home) really safe or not? Congress wanted to know the answer so they passed the Energy Policy Act in 1992 which allowed a group of research scientists appointed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (NIEHS) to conduct insightful research regarding EMFs. In 1998, the final report of the NIEHS showed that the EMF experts voted 19 to 9 in favor of designating EMFs as a “possible carcinogen.” This stunning decision (delivered by the experts) created so much controversy that it spurred another EMF research study, this time in 13 countries, that cost over $30 million and lasted 10 years.

The goal of the new Interphone Study was to examine the effects of cell phone radiation and its potential role in brain cancer. Although the study reported “inconclusive” results regarding increased risk of brain tumors for cell phone users, they found that “heavy use” cell phone users (those who used cell phones more than two hours per month) had an approximately 80% greater risk of brain tumors (such as glioma, a life-threatening brain tumor), after 10 years of cell phone use. Did they just say, “more than two hours a month of cell phone use”? Hmm, do you think that would apply to most Americans? 

After reviewing the study’s data, the experts finally declared cell phone radiation exposure as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” or Group 2B classification (the same category as exposure to toxic substances such as lead, DDT [a toxic pesticide], dry cleaning chemicals, toxic engine exhaust from gasoline fumes and burning coal). 

How can EMFs be harmful to your health? 

The development of specific diseases from EMF exposure can start with subtle shifts in your body — you may not even notice these changes at first or even attribute them to EMF exposure.  

However, research has confirmed that artificial EMFs (such as microwave radiation from cell phones) can contribute to many symptoms that can cause disease.  

Below are a few documented ways that EMFs can be problematic: 

  1. The development of cataracts have been linked to chronic exposure to low-grade microwave frequencies (such as from cell phones). 
  2. One of the possible links between the exposure to artificial EMFs and the development of chronic disease is due to the effect of EMFs that cause increased oxidative stress which can then contribute to DNA derangement and damage. 
  3. Bowel diseases, including “leaky gut “ (such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) can result from exposure to EMFs that stress the mucosal barrier of the intestinal tract and create “leaky gut” junctions. This can allow toxins to enter the bloodstream (that would normally be controlled) which can then contribute to a wide range of symptoms such as brain toxicity, joint pain, heart disease and autoimmune conditions. 
  4. When the calcium channels in your brain are hyperexcited due to excess free radicals generated from exposure to artificial EMFs, these radicals can damage brain cells and also nerve cells. Some associated neurogenerative diseases are Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.   
  5. Your heart’s rhythm is sensitive to exposure to artificial EMF frequencies which can initiate a heartbeat that may be too fast, too slow or irregular.  
  6. Some research shows that regular use of a cell phone is linked to a 5 –10 milligram Hg increase in blood pressure. 
  7. EMFs can adversely affect the brain in a number of ways, including symptoms of insomnia, sleep disruption, reduction of melatonin and inability to achieve deep, restorative sleep. 

The use of cell phones has increased dramatically since they were first invented in the 1980s, but did anyone really stop to consider the long-term impact these devices can have on your health? The antenna of a cell phone is the source of radio waves. Unfortunately, as you make and answer calls, most people hold their cell phones close to their head, sometimes for long periods of time throughout the day. This brings the source of the EMFs straight to your head! 

So, how can you protect yourself? For starters, put the cell phone down when you aren’t using it. When taking calls, use the speaker function or headphones to keep your cell phone farther away from your head. Leave your phone in another room when you sleep.  

Additionally, certain grounding devices can be used for bioenergetic harmonization by permanently adhering them to a cell phone or other EMF-generating devices.