Your Nails - A Surprising Reflection of the State of Your Health

Have you ever wondered why your fingernails may have white spots on them or seem to easily split while trying to close a zipper? Your fingernails may hold some surprising clues about your overall health. Did you know that the appearance of your nails is indicative of your digestion capacity or nutritional intake? However, some nail problems can indicate problems with your health.  

Brittle or weak nails are a common problem among many people. When your nails are brittle or weak, they are more likely to crack and become painful. Weak nails can potentially be a sign of anemia or hypothyroidism. Weak nails can also be caused by overexposure to moisture or chemicals such as nail polish remover or cleaning fluids. If you find your nails seem weak or brittle, try massaging in a bit of coconut oil into them for a few weeks to nourish them. If this doesn’t do the trick, it is possible you may be iron or vitamin B deficient. If so, try adding a natural, whole-food source multivitamin to your daily nutritional regimen.  

Nails can also develop ridges: these are horizontal or vertical waves that usually run the length of your nail. If the nail itself does not change color, these vertical ridges are usually benign. Horizontal ridges, called Beau’s lines, can indicate a more serious problem, such as kidney disease. If your nails stop growing for awhile, it might be due to fever, a serious injury, or an infection. 

Discoloration of the nail may indicate several issues. Nails which have turned yellow may be a side effect of a fungal infection. Try treating them by massaging a few drops of tea tree oil or vitamin E into them daily for several weeks. If you are developing white spots on your nails, it may be a sign of a zinc deficiency, an allergic reaction, or fungal infection. A whole-food multivitamin may help solve these issues. If white spots persist, something more serious may be to blame.  

Isn’t it amazing how our bodies can show us if we are low in vitamins and minerals (such as vitamin E) by changing the health and appearance of our nails and hair? Let’s keep our bodies in top shape - from the inside out – by often eating a variety of natural, organic foods. To ensure the best nutritional status, supplement your diet with a high-quality, whole-food multivitamin. Please ensure you that you select a quality product from a trusted brand. Problems with your nails may also indicate that you are not absorbing food properly. If your nail issues continue despite eating a high-quality diet, consider a probiotic to enhance your digestive capabilities.  

Wondering about your overall nutritional status? Check out your nails!