Get Ready for 2022: Our Top 4 Tips

Start your new year with a bang by recentering and focusing on your own lifestyle priorities. What would you like to focus on . . . weight loss? A new fitness routine? Better immune health? Right now is your best time to adopt the lifestyle strategies that will help you form a stronger, healthier body and calmer mind.  

1. Upgrade on Your Healthspan 

Do you want a long lifespan, no matter how you feel? Of course not. Your quality of health is just as important as your longevity. In this new year, focus not just on the length of your years, but on how well you live those years. To do that, you’ll need quality nutritional support for your body with a delicious, healthy diet, and targeted dietary supplements throughout every year of your life. What foundational supplements should you focus on? To start, you’ll need good, plant-based multivitamins to cover all your nutritional bases. Then add to that: fermented B complex, magnesium, plant-source vitamin C, real vitamin D (not synthetic), and natural-source delta tocotrienol (the next-gen vitamin E).  

2. Support Your Daily Immunity 

Much like building muscles for fitness, your immune system can be nourished to perform at its peak performance every day. Daily immune support means nourishing the immune system so that, when illness strikes, symptoms will be less severe, and the duration of illness will be shorter. Immune-building nutrients such as real vitamin C (from nature), real vitamin D (not from a test tube), and quercetin can be combined with lifestyle changes such as reducing dietary sugar and industrial seed oils.  

3. Snacking with Panache 

Does your healthy routine take a deep dive when you start craving some sugary snacks? May we recommend a simple fix of mixing 1 – 2 tbsp. of high-quality honey with ½ cup of blueberries and raspberries? Throw in a teaspoon of pure pollen for added antioxidant bliss. OMG! You’ll wonder where you’ve been hiding from this delicious, very healthy snack. No white sugar in sight.  

4. Creating Your Own Upside of a Downside 

Do you struggle with feelings of burnout or long-term mental stress? Chronic stressors take a toll on your mood and emotions. Did you know that key botanicals and nutrients can have a profound effect on upgrading your mood and decreasing stress levels? Adaptogens such as rhodiola, cordyceps, and nutrients such as fermented vitamin B1 are famous for helping to create superior mental and emotional wellness. Get on board with “fab” nutrients that can help support your best energy levels and decrease fatigue.  

Welcome to an amazing 2022!