The Super Powers of Your Microbiome

Inside and out, your body contains a massive variety of micro-organisms. It is fascinating to think that your body has 10 times as many microbial cells as human cells. Wow! Your microbiome consists of a number of microbes such as bacteria, bacteriophages, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. Does it sound pretty complicated? Don’t be deterred - most of these organisms have a beneficial symbiotic relationship with your body, playing a highly valuable role in maintaining many aspects of your health. If the word “microbe” scares you, don’t let it! These friendly microbes are pivotal to ensuring that you have healthy digestion, a functioning immune system, and proper vitamin and mineral absorption.  

But the opposite is true, too. If you don’t have enough good bacteria in your gut, bad bacteria can build up and thrive and your microbiome balance can suffer. Symptoms such as digestive problems or autoimmune issues can surface. So how can you support the best health of your microbiome? First, let’s learn a little more about the different types of “good” bacteria in your gut.  

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics 

Have you heard of prebiotics and postbiotics? Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that serve as food for “good” bacteria and stimulate their growth. Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria which feed on the prebiotic fibers. Probiotics, or “good,” bacteria are well known for their benefits to help support your immune system, reduce inflammation, and elegantly help you absorb critical vitamins and nutrients. The good news is that your gut flora can be modified. Harmful gut bacteria can be replaced with beneficial “good” ones. 

How to Create Your Own Super Star Microbiome 

Since your microbiome is a central pillar in how well your digestive and immune systems work, supporting this vital collection of good bacteria is critical.

Here are four tips to support the health of your gut: 

1. Amp Up Your Diet 

Consuming a wide variety of foods, including an array of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, can help supply your microbiome with adequate amounts of quality prebiotic fiber. Additionally, fermented foods contain large amounts of beneficial probiotics which can be a fantastic addition to your health.

2. Cut Out White Sugar and White Flour 

Eating foods with white sugar, white flour, and artificial sweeteners are definite culprits in creating an imbalance in your gut microbes. The standard Western diet, which is high in sugar and seed oils (such as soybean oil), may be damaging to the “good” bacteria in your microbiome. Make an effort to eat fewer foods containing white flour and white sugar or just eliminate them altogether. Definitely avoid artificial sweeteners.  

3. Where to Get High Quality Prebiotics and Probiotics 

Although prebiotic fibers can be obtained from plant-based foods in your diet, taking prebiotics and probiotics as supplements may support an even healthier gut microbiome due to their higher concentrations for faster success because you can directly feed your gut with these increased amounts. Your immediate goal is to stop gut inflammation and decrease all putrid intestinal byproducts. Look for a high-quality, trusted supplier for top-notch probiotic and fermented supplements to add to your daily routine. 

4. Low Stress, More Fun

Healthy lifestyle strategies can also have a compounding effect on the health of your microbiome. Keep your stress levels low, exercise regularly, and get ample amounts of high-quality sleep which can all help support the health of your gut. And plan some quality time each week for your favorite fun activities. You might even notice some other benefits, such as weight loss and mental alertness. Who doesn’t love to hear that? 

The Bottom Line 

Your probiotic-rich diet and healthy lifestyle can have a significant impact on the health of your gut. Even simple but positive changes can help you avoid troublesome digestive issues and immune struggles. Upgrade your healthy microbiome with a prebiotic-oriented diet, with lots of “gut-happy” probiotics, especially from concentrated probiotic supplements.

Never underestimate the small but powerful, tiny microorganisms that populate your gut. Together, they create a big impact for your elegant overall health and superior immune function.