The Best of the Best – Why Use Quantum Zinc?

Did you know that zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in the body? Did you know that zinc is an essential mineral that supports whole-body health and wellness?* In fact, zinc is required for healthy growth, wound healing, taste and smell, and that zinc provides antioxidant properties to the body.* With all of these benefits, be sure you’re taking enough high-quality zinc every day for best results.  

What exactly does zinc do? 

Zinc plays many roles in the body. This mineral is critical to the cell cycle because it supports DNA replication, transcription, protein synthesis, cell membrane maintenance, and cell transport.* Zinc supports optimal cellular function as well as a multitude of healthy metabolic functions.* 

Beyond its role in the cell cycle, zinc supports a healthy immune system including both adaptive and innate immunity.* Zinc elegantly supports ligands, parts of the cell which facilitate communication between the immune cells.*  

Zinc is also helpful in supporting the synaptic processes in the brain which control mood.* Zinc may help support healthy serotonin levels, which are necessary to support healthy moods.* Zinc may also support synaptic plasticity and the healthy regulation of the central nervous system.* 

Here’s why we recommend Quantum Zinc

Quantum Zinc not only offers a stunning 10 mg of zinc per serving, but it offers a highly absorbable form of zinc sulfate heptahydrate. This hydrated form of zinc sulfate is water-soluble and supremely absorbable. You can supplement your zinc levels with this advanced zinc formula and feel secure that you are receiving a high-quality, highly absorbable zinc booster to support your optimal immune health, healthy mood, and overall well-being.* 

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