The Top Health Dangers Facing Americans - Advice from Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D.

Every day, you are faced many obstacles to staying healthy. Risks such as getting ill, poor dietary choices, overconsumption of alcohol, and environmental toxins can hinder your quality of life and derail your long-term plans. Luckily, Dr. Robert Marshall, Ph.D. and co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, covers some of the top dangers to your immune system – and ways to avoid them.  

“Something interesting: Take Europe, for example. They’ve been doing agriculture much longer than America and have sustainable agriculture practices whereas they refer to American agriculture as unsustainable,” Dr. Marshall explains. “One of the reasons we get such a poor rating is because of our use of synthetic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and now GMO chemicals like glyphosate.” Dr. Marshall believes that poorly grown or chemicalized foods are one of the biggest challenges to staying healthy. Making an effort to purchase organic foods or growing fruits and vegetables at home can help you avoid chemical toxins in food as much as possible. Don’t forget to look on the labels for non-GMO foods when you do buy your groceries!  

“Another one of the key challenges that has existed since 1965 is a lack of minerals in our foods.” Dr. Marshall dives into this deficiency: “You want to correct a lack of minerals as soon as you can, as young as you can, so that you can minimize the risk. Minerals are what you need to maintain healthy bones, and healthy bones give you a sustainable life, so getting adequate minerals is absolutely critical.” Since conventionally grown foods are lacking in critical minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and calcium, consider adding more fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your diet. For one of the best nutritional support regimens, consider adopting a plant-based, whole food multivitamin product to round out your daily routine.  

“Healthy digestion plays a tremendous role in our length of life. One study showed that if we ate cooked food without digestive enzyme support, we could be risking our health in terms of a shortened lifespan,” Dr. Marshall outlines. He then explains the importance of digestive enzymes in a healthy routine: “Digestive enzymes can promote the healthy digestion of the foods you eat. Otherwise they may begin to rot in your gut, which can cause a whole diverse host of health problems.” Taking digestive enzymes after a meal is just one of the ways Dr. Marshall suggests to support your own optimal digestion. He also explains the benefits of adding hydrochloric acid to your routine: “Hydrochloric acid is your first line of defense against any junk that might be on food such as pathogens. It is powerful enough to disinfect it.” 

Dr. Marshall next describes how a lack of hydrochloric acid can make you feel: “When hydrochloric acid levels get too low in the stomach, we have acid indigestion. However, that doesn’t mean you’re producing too much hydrochloric acid. It actually means the opposite. You’re not producing enough. Instead, you’re producing lactic acid, which creates a burning feeling in the stomach and feels miserable.”  

Dr. Marshall suggests taking a reputable hydrochloric acid (known as HCL) supplement to add to your nutritional routine. He challenges you: “Try taking some before a meal. You’ll be impressed at how easily you will be able to digest your food!” 

Listen to the full episode of Healthline Live Radio Show below to hear all of Dr. Marshall’s opinions about the top dangers facing Americans.