What Does “Antiviral” Even Mean?

In the last year, magical so-called virus “cures” have popped up all over the nutritional supplement market. Some companies have twisted the meaning of “antiviral” to include any nutritional supplement, and it may leave you wondering what “antiviral” even means. Let’s break it down! 

The Basic Definition 

Although the medical definition of antiviral is “medical substances acting, effective, or directed against viruses,” this term, antiviral, can also refer to natural substances which research studies have shown to have antiviral activity. 

How Do Natural Antivirals Work? 

Natural antiviral substances such as plants and botanicals provide a wide range of antiviral support without the potential side effects of antiviral medical drugs. Viruses are small infectious agents that can only replicate when they are inside of the living cells of other organisms. They can infect humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms and are the most abundant type of biological entity.  

Natural antivirals include specific herbs, plants, and other botanical substances that work by inhibiting the development of viruses. Some of these substances are able to boost immune system function, which allows the immune system to naturally attack viral pathogens, even specific pathogens. In addition, these natural antivirals can provide collateral benefits such as anti-inflammatory support, digestive support, and cardiovascular support.  

What Are Natural Antivirals? 

The list of natural antiviral substances is a lengthy one, but common superstars such as garlic, oregano, and olive leaf top the list. Garlic is well-researched as an antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial botanical that can easily be added to any diet. Simply eating raw garlic cloves once per day can help you obtain these stellar benefits. If organic garlic sources are difficult to find, you can use nutritional supplements that contain concentrated sources of garlic.  

Oregano is also known to be a powerful antiviral agent due to the phytochemicals, carvacrol and thymol, that it naturally contains. These two substances are known to have powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Oregano oil is also a powerful form to use.  

Another outstanding antiviral herb, olive leaf, can also help fend off dangerous viruses and help fight against a number of disease-causing microbes. Olive leaf extract is commonly available as a nutritional supplement. 

Do you have any of these antiviral powerhouses in your kitchen right now? If so, be sure to enjoy putting them to work in your daily recipes.  

The Bottom Line 

Natural, plant-based antiviral substances are abundantly available and can easily be added to almost any diet to boost your immune system and fight the pesky viruses that you will inevitably encounter in your daily life. When you look for natural antiviral botanical sources to add to your nutritional regimen, be sure to obtain them from a highly reliable, reputable company that you can trust.