Essential Digestion Kit

Dietary Supplement
Plant-Source Capsules
Essential supplements for optimal digestive health.*
  • Superior support for the overall health of the digestive system* 
  • Features full-spectrum enzymes and quantum-state betaine hydrochloride 
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients* 


Essential Digestion Kit includes:  

3 bottles of Quantum Digest 

3 bottles of Quantum HCL 

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  • Meets Our Bioresonance CriteriaMeets Our Bioresonance Criteria
Essential Digestion Kit

Product Benefits

The food that you eat nourishes your body, but without a healthy digestive system, you might be missing out on vital vitamins and nutrients. Now you can experience optimal digestive health with the superior Essential Digestion Kit featuring high quality digestive supplements.* Quantum Digest offers outstanding, full-spectrum support for the digestive system to help break down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and dairy.* Adding Quantum HCL improves nutrient absorption by supporting the hydrochloric acid naturally made in the stomach.* 

Quantum Digest – Digestive Enzymes with Pepsin 

  • Full-spectrum enzyme formula for effective digestive support and cleansing* 
  • Promotes breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy* 
  • Fully active vegan enzymes 
  • Don't eat cooked food without it! 

Quantum HCL - Betaine Hydrochloride for Quantum Quality Digestive Support* 

  • Features quantum-state betaine hydrochloride  
  • Helps assist the digestive process* 
  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients* 
  • Supports gastric acid secretion* 
  • HCL promotes the natural acidic environment of the stomach* 

 Quantum Digest 

Quantum Digest features Quantum Enzyme Blend, which includes three key classes of enzymes and several critical support enzymes. Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and dairy. First, amylase enzymes promote the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.* Secondly, this blend includes two types of protease, enzymes that support the breakdown of proteins, as well as promote optimal protease activity across a large pH range.  

Thirdly, lipase enzymes support the digestion of fats.* In addition, this blend contains invertase and lactase enzymes that help break down carbohydrates and dairy. * To improve the nutrient bioavailability from fruits and vegetables, cellulase enzymes are included to aid in the breakdown of plant cell walls. 

Quantum HCL 

Quantum HCL features quantum quality betaine hydrochloride, a powerful ingredient that promotes healthy digestion by supporting gastric acid secretion.* Gastric acid, made up largely of hydrochloric acid, is critical in the digestive process. When taken after a meal, this acid activates digestive enzymes and causes proteins to unravel and break down into amino acids. These amino acids are then absorbed by the body in addition to the vitamins and minerals contained in food. 

Although consuming high-quality food is vital in maintaining a healthy body, the proper digestion of this food is critical to support the absorption of nutrients. Supplementing with a quality HCL source helps allow the body to absorb these critical nutrients necessary for healthy body function.* Quantum HCL is formulated with quantum quality HCL to help facilitate the breakdown of food particles and improve 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Essential Digestion Kit

Please see label images above, or product page for each item in kit, to view full ingredient details.

Each serving includes the following:

  • Quantum Digest
  • QuantumTM Enzyme Blend 258 mg
  • Plant-GestTM Support 170 mg

  • Quantum HCL
  • Betaine Hydrochloride 500 mg

Quantum Digest: Take 1 capsule per meal 3 times daily, preferably before eating.

Quantum HCL: Take 1 capsule after each meal, 3 times daily, especially cooked meals.

Good digestion and proper elimination are important. Are you able to have a healthy bowel elimination every day? If not, it’s time to look at upgrading your digestion. You will see what a difference it can make in how you feel….

  • Take quality enzymes when you eat cooked food.
  • Eat slowly! We tend to eat fast and don’t chew our foods well enough. Digestion starts in the mouth, eating mindfully will help you feel full, and you may see that you can’t even finish your plate!
  • Please eat plenty of fiber – start by looking at the labels of foods you buy for the fiber content. You may be surprised at what’s on there … Of course, plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet will help up your fiber intake, too.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of purified water.
Product FAQ
Why would the color of a capsule look slightly different from batch to batch?
Because our manufacturer sources ingredients only in their natural state, the color, texture and even odor of a product may vary somewhat from batch to batch or from season to season. Despite these natural variations, each product contains its exact formula and is rigorously tested for purity as are all of our products.
How do you source your ingredients?

Our manufacturer selects its ingredients based solely on purity and quantum resonance from qualified, trusted leaders and suppliers throughout the world. To determine which are truly premier ingredients, they also use bioenergetic testing, a specific testing kinesidogical system that allows identification of quality nutrients that meet our bioenergetic criteria.

All of our ingredients are tested for purity and species identification by our own in-house microbiological and biochemical labs and by independent laboratories. Each of our ingredient suppliers must meet our rigorous testing criteria as well as our stringent 4-polarity testing criteria to qualify as a supplier.

How do We Keep From Falling Out of Cellular Harmony?
Consuming nutrients that are synthetic or that have degraded resonant frequencies (from nutrients that have been poorly grown or contaminated with chemical additives, etc.) can dampen your own cell's resonant frequency. Obviously, for best health, QNL's answer is to recommend the consumption of quantum quality nutrients that have a "body of light" and that are made without "junk" additives (no toxic tagalongs or excipients).
Do your products contain hydrogenated oil, undesirable flavoring additives, artificial colors, or fragrance?

Our products do not contain hydrogenated oils, undesirable flavoring additive or colors, or artificial fragrance. Our products are made without added preservatives.

Our products are manufactured to avoid the use of magnesium stearate (from either animal or vegetable sources) because research shows that it may convert to formaldehyde (a metabolic stressor/ contaminator).

Our products are also manufactured to avoid the use talcum powder, a suspected carcinogen (an immune-compromising agent), that is used in the manufacturing process. The use of this agent is common in the nutritional supplement industry. Rarely will you find talcum powder listed on the label of another company's product, even though they have used it in their manufacturing process. However our QNL products are "clean" - without the use of undesired excipients.

What is "The Quantum Nutrition Effect"?
Only quantum quality nutrients are capable of promoting the most rapid shift in ideal cellular resonance, we call this the "Quantum Nutritional Effect."
What is the source of your vegetable capsules?
Our vegetable capsules are made from tree fiber. The certificate of analysis verifies that no toxic solvents have been used to make our capsules. (Unfortunately, some companies do use solvent-tainted vegetable capsules to hold their ingredients.)
Are your products certified as kosher?
Most of our products are certified as kosher. To see our Kosher products go to Kosher Certified Products
Have more questions?
Have more questions?
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