Healthy Weight Management Kit*

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The Ultimate Combination of Weight Management Supplements*

When it comes to health concerns, maintaining a healthy weight is often at the top of the list. Quantum Nutrition Labs is proud to offer an incredible duo of products to help support healthy weight management.* Featuring Quantum Lean KetoBlend and Quantum Green Tea Extract, this kit offers superstar products to help you support a healthy weight and achieve your wellness goals.* 

Healthy Weight Management Kit* includes:
2 bottles of Quantum Lean KetoBlend
1 bottle of Quantum Green Tea Extract

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Healthy Weight Management Kit*

Product Benefits

Quantum Lean KetoBlend

A quantum-state, biocompatible formula, Quantum Lean KetoBlend features key botanicals in a blend designed to support healthy weight management, lean body mass, and glycemic metabolism.* It features green coffee bean extract, which naturally promotes a healthy glucose response; AdvantraZ® bitter orange extract, with its advanced lipid metabolism support; and raspberry ketones.* This one-of-a-kind formula is pure vegan and has been phyto-forensic tested for adulterants and heavy metal tested to ensure optimal nutritional outcomes.

Quantum Green Tea Extract

This superior antioxidant formula offers the active constituents of green tea in a concentrated form – with all the convenience of a capsule.* Green tea contains unique polyphenols and catechins, such as EGCG, which is known to benefit weight maintenance through promotion of fat metabolism.* These bioactive compounds are antioxidant-like and provide health supporting properties for all kinds of cells.* This formula is anchored with a superstar botanical blend featuring organic prickly pear, organic kale leaf, and apple cider vinegar.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Healthy Weight Management Kit*

Please see label images above, or product page for each item in kit, to view full ingredient details.

Each serving includes the following:

  • Quantum Lean KetoBlend
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea robusta) 468 mg
    • (Standardized to 200 mg Chlorogenic Acids)
  • AdvantraZ® Bitter Orange (fruit) Extract (Citrus aurantium) 144 mg
    • (Standardized to 60 mg Synephrine)
  • Lean Advantage Pro Blend 108 mg
  • Raspberry Ketones 60 mg

  • Quantum Green Tea Extract
  • Green SynerBlend 485 mg
  • Green Tea Extract (leaf) 355 mg

Quantum Lean KetoBlend: Take 3 capsules at breakfast or before 2:00 PM.

Quantum Green Tea Extract: Take 2 capsules, 2 times daily with food. Avoid taking on an empty stomach.

For best results:

  • Quantum Lean Ketoblend: take 2 caps in the morning and 2 before lunch.
  • Quantum Green Tea Extract: take 2 caps at breakfast and 2 at lunch with food.
  • Make sure to drink half your weight in ounces of purified water daily.
  • Motivate yourself to get at least 30 min. of exercise daily - a brisk walk is perfect. See our Bio-field Diet for recommendations on eating.
Product FAQ
Should I take my supplements with meals or between meals?
Typically, most products can be taken with meals. For specific recommendations, please refer to the label's recommended use.
How do you source your ingredients?

Our manufacturer selects its ingredients based solely on purity and quantum resonance from qualified, trusted leaders and suppliers throughout the world. To determine which are truly premier ingredients, they also use bioenergetic testing, a specific testing kinesidogical system that allows identification of quality nutrients that meet our bioenergetic criteria.

All of our ingredients are tested for purity and species identification by our own in-house microbiological and biochemical labs and by independent laboratories. Each of our ingredient suppliers must meet our rigorous testing criteria as well as our stringent 4-polarity testing criteria to qualify as a supplier.

What is the Harmonic Resonance Effect?

The consequences of this stunning discovery of resonant frequencies is enormous. It is a secret key that unlocks the hidden door to why some people can quickly shift to great health \- and others can't. This discovery reveals why the ideal resonant frequency of each cell can only be sustained or regained by consuming nutrients that are also at their ideal resonant frequencies.

This dynamic interaction between the cell and the nutrient creates a highly beneficial, harmonic resonant effect in which the cell is able to ingest not only the nutritional factors but can also absorb the higher resonant frequencies embedded in the nutrient.

Do You Test for Stability?
As an FDA-regulated facility, we operate under Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part 111, which is governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The regulation states that we are not required to market an expiry date on our products. If we market an expiration date on our product(s), the regulation also states that it must be truthful and supported by data. Our products with expiry dates follow intensive International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) Q1A – Q1F stability protocol guidelines, which is a standard used for pharmaceutical (both prescription and over-the-counter) drugs. Temperature and humidity can impact a product’s quality, therefore our products are tested at a wide range of storage conditions [25°C/60% Relative Humidity (RH), 30°C/65% RH, and 40°/75% RH] over a period up to 36 months to ensure that the product remains stable and the label claim is accurate when stored as directed. To help with stability, some of our products are nitrogen or argon flushes, and have moisture or oxygen desiccants added. Further, our products are distinguishable b our exclusive Violite(trademark icon) container. Violite(trademark icon) is an innovative, dark violet-colored, polyethylene (PET) plastic bottle that blocks light frequencies between 450-720 nanometers, which can create radiation damage to ingredients.
What are Excipients?

Excipients are binders, fillers, flowing agents and "glues" that are often NON-nutritive substances used in nutritional products. Many of these substances are HIGHLY questionable.

Why would you want to consume anything that is not nutritive, such as excipients that are often just fillers in a nutritional product? We believe it is unnecessary to take nutritional products that have questionable, potentially harmful, non-nutritive excipients.

What about tablets? Tablets ALWAYS contain excipients (that is how they are made; they cannot be made without them). Therefore, we believe it is wisest to especially avoid nutritional products as tablets.

One common example of a questionable excipient is magnesium stearate, a cheap lubricating agent. Research shows it may be immune-compromising.

What is "The Quantum Nutrition Effect"?
Only quantum quality nutrients are capable of promoting the most rapid shift in ideal cellular resonance, we call this the "Quantum Nutritional Effect."
When do your products expire?
As an FDA-regulated facility, we operate under their rule 21CFR111, which only allows an expiration date after substantial scientific analysis has demonstrated stability to the declared expiration date. The FDA does not require expiration dating on dietary supplements because it acknowledges that there is no standardized method of analytical testing that has been agreed upon throughout the industry. Rather, a date of manufacture is located on our bottles. You can read this code (lot number) easily. It’s six digits (YYMMDD) (year month day) followed by xxxxx– (5-digit item code). So, 180321-12191 would mean Brain Support was manufactured March 21, 2018. Our bottles are flushed with an inert gas (nitrogen or argon) and an induction seal applied, so there is not any oxygen in the bottle to degrade the ingredients. Further, our products are distinguishable by our exclusive Violite® container. Violite® is an innovative, dark violet-colored, PET plastic bottle that blocks light frequencies between 450-720 nanometers, which can create radiation damage to ingredients
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