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The Ultimate Combination of Relaxation Supplements

Do you struggle to drift off at night? Melatonin levels naturally rise at night, but some individuals may struggle to produce enough melatonin to promote restful sleep, especially if exposed to blue light from computer and cell phone screens. Quantum Hemp Extract is an all-natural, full-spectrum hemp extract that can support restful sleep and a balanced mood.* Calm your mind and body with Quantum Hemp Extract and fall asleep easily with QulturedTM Melatonin Drops.* Teddy bear optional!

Fall Asleep Kit includes:
1 bottle of QulturedTM Melatonin Drops
1 bottle of Quantum Hemp Extract

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Fall Asleep Kit, Quantum

Product Benefits

QulturedTM Melatonin Drops – Brain, Sleep, and Immune Support* 

  • Probiotic-fermentemelatonin liquid 
  • Supports brain, sleep, and immune system health* 
  • Promotes the unique antioxidant activity of melatonin* 

Quantum Hemp Extract – With Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids 

  • Supports healthy mood changes and occasional stress relief* 
  • Promotes healthy, restful sleep* 
  • May help alleviate minor aches and pain*  
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response/immunomodulation* 
  • 30 mg of CBD per serving 
  • This product contains less than 0.3% THC 

QulturedTM Melatonin Drops 

Melatonin is a unique, complex molecule that is naturally present in virtually every cell of the body. Our body naturally produces melatonin when it’s time to sleep. This master bioregulator helps us to achieve natural, high-quality sleep. An industry first, QulturedTM Melatonin Drops features a convenient liquid form of melatonin that has been cultured with beneficial probiotic organisms. This process ensures that the melatonin is active and bioavailable.  

This incredible compound naturally rises at night, but some individuals may struggle to produce enough melatonin to promote restful sleep. Melatonin has been used for years and is a popular way to promote natural sleep patterns. QulturedTM Melatonin Drops goes a step further, using a probiotic fermentation method that allows for rapid oral delivery - getting you a restful night’s sleep! 

Quantum Hemp Extract 

Quantum Hemp Extract is an all-natural, full-spectrum hemp extract with high concentrations of phytocannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabichromene (CBC). Advanced research into plant-derived cannabinoids demonstrates the ability of phytocannabinoids in full-spectrum hemp extract to deliver targeted support to the Endocannabinoid System, helping to calm the mind and reduce inflammation. 

Quantum Hemp Extract is manufactured using a solvent-free, supercritical CO2 extraction process with an advanced winterization method to guarantee that the full spectrum of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other phenolic compounds is intact. This process ensures that our hemp extract meets all requirements for identity, purity, strength, and composition. Our hemp extract is also thoroughly tested for contaminants such as the addition of synthetic cannabinoids. Finally – a hemp extract you can trust! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Fall Asleep Kit, Quantum

Please see label images above, or product page for each item in kit, to view full ingredient details.

Each serving includes the following:

  • QulturedTM Melatonin Drops
  • Melatonin1 8 mg

  • Quantum Hemp
  • Hemp CO2 Extract (aerial parts) 55 mg
    • [Minimum naturally occurring total phytocannabinoids, 30 mg]
1Fermented in a probiotic culture which is inactivated after fermentation; preserved with organic cane (non-GMO) alcohol.

QulturedTM Melatonin Drops: Take 1 dropper just before sleep. Shake gently before use.

Quantum Hemp Extract: Take 2 full droppers daily.

Excess light exposure could throw off your ability to fall asleep and your circadian rhythm. Here are some tips to keep it dark in your bedroom.

  • Go to bed at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.
  • Use blackout curtains over your bedroom windows.
  • Banish any electronics from your room, especially your cellphone.
  • Use only red light bulbs in your night lights if you need them (it is thought that red lights don’t interrupt melatonin production).


Product FAQ
What is the Harmonic Resonance Effect?

The consequences of this stunning discovery of resonant frequencies is enormous. It is a secret key that unlocks the hidden door to why some people can quickly shift to great health \- and others can't. This discovery reveals why the ideal resonant frequency of each cell can only be sustained or regained by consuming nutrients that are also at their ideal resonant frequencies.

This dynamic interaction between the cell and the nutrient creates a highly beneficial, harmonic resonant effect in which the cell is able to ingest not only the nutritional factors but can also absorb the higher resonant frequencies embedded in the nutrient.

Should I take my supplements with meals or between meals?
Typically, most products can be taken with meals. For specific recommendations, please refer to the label's recommended use.
What are Excipients?

Excipients are binders, fillers, flowing agents and "glues" that are often NON-nutritive substances used in nutritional products. Many of these substances are HIGHLY questionable.

Why would you want to consume anything that is not nutritive, such as excipients that are often just fillers in a nutritional product? We believe it is unnecessary to take nutritional products that have questionable, potentially harmful, non-nutritive excipients.

What about tablets? Tablets ALWAYS contain excipients (that is how they are made; they cannot be made without them). Therefore, we believe it is wisest to especially avoid nutritional products as tablets.

One common example of a questionable excipient is magnesium stearate, a cheap lubricating agent. Research shows it may be immune-compromising.

Are your products certified as kosher?
Most of our products are certified as kosher. To see our Kosher products go to Kosher Certified Products
Do your products contain hydrogenated oil, undesirable flavoring additives, artificial colors, or fragrance?

Our products do not contain hydrogenated oils, undesirable flavoring additive or colors, or artificial fragrance. Our products are made without added preservatives.

Our products are manufactured to avoid the use of magnesium stearate (from either animal or vegetable sources) because research shows that it may convert to formaldehyde (a metabolic stressor/ contaminator).

Our products are not also manufactured to avoid the use talcum powder, a suspected carcinogen (an immune-compromising agent), that is used in the manufacturing process. The use of this agent is common in the nutritional supplement industry. Rarely will you find talcum powder listed on the label of another company's product, even though they have used it in their manufacturing process. However our QNL products are "clean" - without the use of undesired excipients.

What is Cellular Resonance?
Exciting research over the last 15 years has shown that the outer membrane structure of every cell in your body is a unique, semi-crystalline matrix. This means that every one of the trillion plus cells in your body has an ideal resonant frequency, much like a crystal glass that rings its own special note when struck.
Why would the color of a capsule look slightly different from batch to batch?
Because our manufacturer sources ingredients only in their natural state, the color, texture and even odor of a product may vary somewhat from batch to batch or from season to season. Despite these natural variations, each product contains its exact formula and is rigorously tested for purity as are all of our products.
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