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What a privilege it is to learn the dietary plan that can transform your life. Not only can it help you maximize the cleansing process for 21 days, it can help TRANSFORM your body, your energy and your life! Feeling great is not just a “given” any more – you have to work for it. Certain foods can act as hidden stressors or food intolerances that play havoc with your body. Often, people may not realize that they are reacting to/are intolerant of certain foods  or food ingredients (as listed below). By taking action on theBiofield Diet, you may find you are in a TOTALLY different place in 21 days with your overall wellbeing as well as your target weight, energy levels, bloating, cravings and more. So let’s get started on YOUR 21-day BODY METABOLIC VACATION – a complete HOLIDAY from the top food stressors as well as “junk” sugars & “junk” fats! Wow – you’ll be enjoying delicious, hearty meals with real foods and NO junk. Now that’s a plan for YOUR best success!

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